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Exchange Index Sector Industry Country
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Earnings Date Average Volume Relative Volume Current Volume Price
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No. Ticker Company Sector Industry Country Market Cap P/E Price Change Volume
1ACEACE LimitedFinancialProperty & Casualty InsuranceSwitzerland37.82B11.81114.01-0.67%1,342,038
2ASHAshland Inc.Basic MaterialsChemicals - Major DiversifiedUSA8.84B375.35127.62-1.23%1,189,083
3ECLEcolab Inc.Consumer GoodsCleaning ProductsUSA34.68B30.65115.54-0.53%1,609,655
4GWRGenesee & Wyoming Inc.ServicesRailroadsUSA5.56B22.56103.101.15%652,224
5HSYThe Hershey CompanyConsumer GoodsConfectionersUSA22.98B27.60103.780.14%1,098,899
6PREPartnerRe Ltd.FinancialProperty & Casualty InsuranceBermuda5.61B6.03114.50-0.33%382,231
7SSYSStratasys Ltd.TechnologyComputer PeripheralsUSA3.16B-62.060.99%800,302
8TMOThermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.HealthcareMedical Laboratories & ResearchUSA52.00B27.54130.00-0.11%1,064,101
9XECCimarex Energy Co.Basic MaterialsIndependent Oil & GasUSA9.57B18.88109.68-2.67%1,628,822