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Exchange Index Sector Industry Country
Market Cap. Dividend Yield Float Short Analyst Recom. Option/Short
Earnings Date Average Volume Relative Volume Current Volume Price
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No. Ticker Company Sector Industry Country Market Cap P/E Price Change Volume
1DPMDCP Midstream Partners LPBasic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA4.60B14.5140.33-0.02%413,372
2EEPEnbridge Energy Partners, L.P.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA12.84B57.3237.831.01%422,267
3EPDEnterprise Products Partners L.P.Basic MaterialsIndependent Oil & GasUSA65.57B23.0233.840.89%4,370,006
4MMPMagellan Midstream Partners LPBasic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA18.72B22.3182.310.75%310,510
5MWEMarkWest Energy Partners, L.P.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA12.93B97.4969.220.49%366,603
6NGLSTarga Resources Partners LPBasic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA5.45B16.2744.91-0.75%930,569
7OKSONEOK Partners, L.P.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA10.67B17.9742.05-0.05%580,568
8PAAPlains All American Pipeline, L.P.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA20.30B21.7551.11-0.16%1,033,674
9RGPRegency Energy Partners LPBasic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA9.55B-22.891.24%1,655,965
10SESpectra Energy Corp.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA25.37B23.4737.79-0.71%2,389,385
11TLLPTesoro Logistics LPBasic MaterialsOil & Gas Equipment & ServicesUSA4.74B53.7058.001.24%185,149
12WMBWilliams Companies, Inc.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA39.37B18.5852.570.04%3,199,535