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Exchange Index Sector Industry Country
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Earnings Date Average Volume Relative Volume Current Volume Price
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No. Ticker Company Sector Industry Country Market Cap P/E Price Change Volume
1APLAtlas Pipeline Partners, L.P.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA2.25B-26.63-1.66%1,599,515
2DPMDCP Midstream Partners LPBasic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA4.49B28.6339.80-0.25%601,531
3EEPEnbridge Energy Partners, L.P.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA12.95B59.3839.192.30%598,079
4EPDEnterprise Products Partners L.P.Basic MaterialsIndependent Oil & GasUSA64.59B22.6833.341.93%3,282,635
5MMPMagellan Midstream Partners LPBasic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA18.67B22.2882.20-0.72%632,951
6MWEMarkWest Energy Partners, L.P.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA12.73B135.3164.950.36%843,785
7NGLSTarga Resources Partners LPBasic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA5.32B15.8843.82-1.33%1,207,787
8OKSONEOK Partners, L.P.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA10.46B17.8641.792.86%792,898
9PAAPlains All American Pipeline, L.P.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA18.56B21.2349.890.38%1,964,505
10RGPRegency Energy Partners LPBasic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA10.02B152.4424.391.96%1,089,833
11SESpectra Energy Corp.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA23.81B22.0435.490.23%2,512,094
12TLLPTesoro Logistics LPBasic MaterialsOil & Gas Equipment & ServicesUSA4.69B28.8557.421.09%242,478
13WMBWilliams Companies, Inc.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA36.66B17.3349.040.47%6,430,620