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No. Ticker Company Sector Industry Country Market Cap P/E Price Change Volume
1ABGAsbury Automotive Group, Inc.ServicesAuto DealershipsUSA2.35B21.3679.021.36%220,981
2CRMTAmerica's Car-Mart Inc.ServicesAuto DealershipsUSA467.64M22.0554.250.46%43,378
3GPIGroup 1 Automotive Inc.ServicesAuto DealershipsUSA2.00B22.9782.460.00%269,840
4KMXCarMax Inc.ServicesAuto DealershipsUSA14.22B27.0967.73-0.54%870,420
5LADLithia Motors Inc.ServicesAuto DealershipsUSA2.42B19.9692.21-1.00%608,432
6SAHSonic Automotive Inc.ServicesAuto DealershipsUSA1.28B13.0925.01-0.48%284,645