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Exchange Index Sector Industry Country
Market Cap. P/E Forward P/E PEG P/S
P/B Price/Cash Price/Free Cash Flow EPS growth
this year
EPS growth
next year
EPS growth
past 5 years
EPS growth
next 5 years
Sales growth
past 5 years
EPS growth
qtr over qtr
Sales growth
qtr over qtr
Dividend Yield Return on Assets Return on Equity Return on Investment Current Ratio
Quick Ratio LT Debt/Equity Debt/Equity Gross Margin Operating Margin
Net Profit Margin Payout Ratio Insider
Float Short Analyst Recom. Option/Short Earnings Date
Performance Performance 2 Volatility RSI (14) Gap
20-Day Simple Moving Average 50-Day Simple Moving Average 200-Day Simple Moving Average Change Change from Open
20-Day High/Low 50-Day High/Low 52-Week High/Low Pattern Candlestick
Beta Average True Range Average Volume Relative Volume Current Volume
Overview Valuation Financial Ownership Performance Technical Custom Charts Tickers Quotes Basic TA News Snapshot
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No. Ticker Company Sector Industry Country Market Cap P/E Price Change Volume
1AAAlcoa Inc.Basic MaterialsAluminumUSA16.16B25.4213.220.23%20,453,455
2ADTNADTRAN Inc.TechnologyCommunication EquipmentUSA852.05M19.9715.98-0.19%2,305,584
3AHGPAlliance Holdings GP, L.P.Basic MaterialsNonmetallic Mineral MiningUSA3.00B10.5750.19-0.77%75,868
4AIZAssurant Inc.FinancialAccident & Health InsuranceUSA4.12B9.3660.09-0.68%577,517
5ARLPAlliance Resource Partners LPBasic MaterialsIndustrial Metals & MineralsUSA2.41B6.8132.47-1.52%341,600
6ARRARMOUR Residential REIT, Inc.FinancialREIT - ResidentialUSA1.11B-3.16-0.63%1,906,204
7ASCMAAscent Capital Group, Inc.ServicesSecurity & Protection ServicesUSA553.14M-40.17-0.45%39,862
8AXEAnixter International Inc.ServicesIndustrial Equipment WholesaleUSA2.42B12.5773.520.20%383,180
9AXPAmerican Express CompanyFinancialCredit ServicesUSA79.49B13.6877.99-0.20%3,386,837
10BBOXBlack Box CorporationTechnologyNetworking & Communication DevicesUSA303.71M-19.76-0.20%105,359
11BPIBridgepoint Education, Inc.ServicesEducation & Training ServicesUSA417.05M45.909.18-1.71%52,607
12BTUPeabody Energy Corp.Basic MaterialsIndustrial Metals & MineralsUSA1.25B-4.49-0.22%20,046,027
13BVBazaarvoice, Inc.TechnologyApplication SoftwareUSA457.07M-5.75-0.69%187,170
14BWINBBaldwin & Lyons Inc.FinancialProperty & Casualty InsuranceUSA348.05M11.6623.080.22%11,708
15CACQCaesars Acquisition CompanyServicesResorts & CasinosUSA857.89M57.186.291.13%38,710
16CKHSeacor Holdings Inc.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas Equipment & ServicesUSA1.28B17.3670.12-6.36%446,341
17CNNXCONE Midstream Partners LPBasic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA1.00B17.6917.16-0.23%42,099
18CNPCenterPoint Energy, Inc.UtilitiesGas UtilitiesUSA9.05B14.9321.050.38%3,069,672
19CPPLColumbia Pipeline Partners LPBasic MaterialsOil & Gas PipelinesUSA2.67B9.2426.52-1.45%81,210
20CRD-BCrawford & CompanyFinancialInsurance BrokersUSA432.74M15.158.33-0.12%15,531
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