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P/B Price/Cash Price/Free Cash Flow EPS growth
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Sales growth
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Dividend Yield Return on Assets Return on Equity Return on Investment Current Ratio
Quick Ratio LT Debt/Equity Debt/Equity Gross Margin Operating Margin
Net Profit Margin Payout Ratio Insider
Float Short Analyst Recom. Option/Short Earnings Date
Performance Performance 2 Volatility RSI (14) Gap
20-Day Simple Moving Average 50-Day Simple Moving Average 200-Day Simple Moving Average Change Change from Open
20-Day High/Low 50-Day High/Low 52-Week High/Low Pattern Candlestick
Beta Average True Range Average Volume Relative Volume Current Volume
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No. Ticker Company Sector Industry Country Market Cap P/E Price Change Volume
1JASOJA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd.TechnologySemiconductor - SpecializedChina456.09M26.369.20-3.06%3,464,936
2COWNCowen Group, Inc.FinancialInvestment Brokerage - NationalUSA467.06M18.684.232.92%639,894
3HOVHovnanian Enterprises Inc.Industrial GoodsResidential ConstructionUSA618.49M33.234.31-0.23%2,080,915
4JKSJinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd.TechnologySemiconductor - SpecializedChina766.44M10.8424.63-0.77%1,065,092
5NCMINational CineMedia, Inc.ServicesMarketing ServicesUSA871.66M34.9314.24-0.56%175,720
6TSLTrina Solar LimitedTechnologySemiconductor - SpecializedChina954.16M12.0510.622.51%3,801,212
7SYRGSynergy Resources CorporationBasic MaterialsOil & Gas Equipment & ServicesUSA1.03B34.9712.50-3.40%1,424,682
8HOSHornbeck Offshore Services, Inc.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas Equipment & ServicesUSA1.17B13.0231.23-3.25%471,599
9FOEFerro CorporationBasic MaterialsSpecialty ChemicalsUSA1.18B14.7013.26-1.92%186,933
10MDCMDC Holdings Inc.Industrial GoodsResidential ConstructionUSA1.29B16.4026.430.08%1,037,040
11STNGScorpio Tankers Inc.ConglomeratesConglomeratesMonaco1.50B28.068.61-1.03%1,081,037
12GLOGGasLog Ltd.ServicesShippingMonaco1.75B36.6421.42-0.93%1,491,363
13HCLPHi-Crush Partners LPBasic MaterialsIndustrial Metals & MineralsUSA1.78B16.2548.00-0.19%292,344
14RYLRyland Group Inc.Industrial GoodsResidential ConstructionUSA1.80B12.9039.03-0.15%501,841
15TVPTTravelport Worldwide LimitedConsumer GoodsRecreational Goods, OtherUnited Kingdom1.95B15.4416.271.31%661,788
16WETFWisdomTree Investments, Inc.FinancialAsset ManagementUSA2.06B31.4915.24-1.23%1,463,043
17OZMOch-Ziff Capital Management Group LLCFinancialAsset ManagementUSA2.10B7.9112.09-0.74%632,023
18ACIWACI Worldwide, Inc.TechnologyTechnical & System SoftwareUSA2.27B32.4319.67-0.56%614,495
19TPHTRI Pointe Homes, Inc., Prior To Reverse Merger With Weyerhaeuser Real Estate CompanyIndustrial GoodsResidential ConstructionUSA2.45B27.6515.300.59%1,566,052
20RHPRyman Hospitality Properties, Inc.FinancialREIT - Hotel/MotelUSA2.55B34.9350.751.60%386,271
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