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No. Ticker Company Sector Industry Country Market Cap P/E Price Change Volume
1ALGTAllegiant Travel CompanyServicesRegional AirlinesUSA3.21B37.32183.62-0.50%138,553
2ALKAlaska Air Group, Inc.ServicesRegional AirlinesUSA8.36B14.3463.65-0.52%1,944,392
3HAHawaiian Holdings Inc.ServicesRegional AirlinesUSA1.01B17.3018.51-2.53%1,424,636
4JBLUJetBlue Airways CorporationServicesRegional AirlinesUSA5.36B14.4917.24-0.63%6,721,012
5LUVSouthwest Airlines Co.ServicesRegional AirlinesUSA29.23B26.3743.24-1.91%4,780,411
6RJETRepublic Airways Holdings Inc.ServicesRegional AirlinesUSA640.80M9.7512.87-2.87%617,544
7SKYWSkyWest Inc.ServicesRegional AirlinesUSA750.59M-14.62-2.53%309,189
8VAVirgin America Inc.ServicesRegional AirlinesUSA1.51B85.4635.04-1.43%849,157
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