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Exchange Index Sector Industry Country
Market Cap. P/E Forward P/E PEG P/S
P/B Price/Cash Price/Free Cash Flow EPS growth
this year
EPS growth
next year
EPS growth
past 5 years
EPS growth
next 5 years
Sales growth
past 5 years
EPS growth
qtr over qtr
Sales growth
qtr over qtr
Dividend Yield Return on Assets Return on Equity Return on Investment Current Ratio
Quick Ratio LT Debt/Equity Debt/Equity Gross Margin Operating Margin
Net Profit Margin Payout Ratio Insider
Float Short Analyst Recom. Option/Short Earnings Date
Performance Performance 2 Volatility RSI (14) Gap
20-Day Simple Moving Average 50-Day Simple Moving Average 200-Day Simple Moving Average Change Change from Open
20-Day High/Low 50-Day High/Low 52-Week High/Low Pattern Candlestick
Beta Average True Range Average Volume Relative Volume Current Volume
Overview Valuation Financial Ownership Performance Technical Custom Charts Tickers Quotes Basic TA News Snapshot
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No. Ticker Company Sector Industry Country Market Cap P/E Price Change Volume
1AMAGAMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc.HealthcareDiagnostic SubstancesUSA1.27B13.2649.03-0.88%271,990
2AMBAAmbarella, Inc.TechnologySemiconductor Equipment & MaterialsUSA1.76B48.7558.120.19%399,738
3ASPSAltisource Portfolio Solutions S.A.ServicesBusiness ServicesLuxembourg449.99M3.1420.43-7.97%353,945
4ATHMAutohome Inc.TechnologyInternet Information ProvidersChina4.35B46.6038.62-2.50%118,800
5CMCMCheetah Mobile Inc.TechnologyApplication SoftwareChina2.71B241.7519.390.26%153,409
6CONNConns Inc.ServicesElectronics StoresUSA930.73M13.4225.17-1.83%143,057
7CRRCARBO Ceramics Inc.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas Equipment & ServicesUSA830.65M14.7937.244.46%308,679
8DDD3D Systems CorporationTechnologyComputer PeripheralsUSA3.34B150.3030.782.40%1,650,794
9EXASExact Sciences CorporationHealthcareBiotechnologyUSA2.07B-22.76-2.57%489,386
10GMEGameStop Corp.ServicesElectronics StoresUSA4.02B11.6137.320.79%493,607
11GOGOGogo Inc.TechnologyDiversified Communication ServicesUSA1.55B-18.02-0.99%399,484
12GPROGoPro, Inc.Consumer GoodsPhotographic Equipment & SuppliesUSA5.71B60.3542.10-5.73%4,561,596
13HABTThe Habit Restaurants, Inc.ServicesRestaurantsUSA839.13M1.2033.13-0.36%65,240
14HLFHerbalife Ltd.Consumer GoodsPersonal ProductsCayman Islands3.20B10.4332.25-7.38%3,040,352
15ICONIconix Brand Group, Inc.Consumer GoodsTextile - Apparel Footwear & AccessoriesUSA1.64B12.9033.86-0.94%240,025, Inc.TechnologyInternet Information ProvidersChina39.11B-27.83-0.61%2,312,821
17KBHKB HomeIndustrial GoodsResidential ConstructionUSA1.28B1.5414.000.43%612,965
18MOMOMomo Inc.TechnologyInternet Information ProvidersChina2.33B-11.95-4.55%192,167
19MYGNMyriad Genetics Inc.ServicesResearch ServicesUSA2.49B24.2834.19-2.20%216,213
20NSRNeuStar, Inc.TechnologyDiversified Communication ServicesUSA1.49B9.6226.700.15%133,612
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