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No. Ticker Company Sector Industry Country Market Cap P/E Price Change Volume
1BEAVB/E Aerospace Inc.Industrial GoodsAerospace/Defense Products & ServicesUSA6.69B115.5363.540.19%616,333
2TMOThermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.HealthcareMedical Laboratories & ResearchUSA52.00B27.54130.00-0.11%1,064,101
3NVRNVR, Inc.Industrial GoodsResidential ConstructionUSA5.39B20.721332.00-0.67%10,666
4CPACopa Holdings SAServicesRegional AirlinesPanama5.05B11.28113.88-0.77%358,187
5HONHoneywell International Inc.Industrial GoodsDiversified MachineryUSA80.44B19.28102.78-0.83%2,986,116
6TAROTaro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.HealthcareDrug Manufacturers - OtherIsrael6.47B16.58151.06-1.35%49,617
7DXPEDXP Enterprises, Inc.ServicesIndustrial Equipment WholesaleUSA662.73M11.5145.80-1.36%112,244
8PSXPhillips 66Basic MaterialsOil & Gas Refining & MarketingUSA42.84B12.2278.46-2.00%4,290,218