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No. Ticker Company Sector Industry Country Market Cap P/E Price Change Volume
1INSYINSYS Therapeutics, Inc.HealthcareBiotechnologyUSA2.12B43.0660.715.67%557,008
2AMAGAMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc.HealthcareDiagnostic SubstancesUSA1.27B13.2649.469.74%4,156,300
3IPGPIPG Photonics CorporationTechnologySemiconductor Equipment & MaterialsUSA5.14B25.9098.420.79%335,100
4FLTXFleetmatics Group PLCTechnologyApplication SoftwareIreland1.56B50.5541.45-3.60%1,020,700
5IGIGI, Laboratories, Inc.HealthcareBiotechnologyUSA591.14M-11.201.63%793,742
6SSPThe E. W. Scripps CompanyServicesPublishing - NewspapersUSA1.32B578.7523.15-0.60%262,700
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