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No. Ticker Company Sector Industry Country Market Cap. P/E Forward P/E PEG
P/S P/B P/Cash P/Free Cash Flow Dividend Yield Payout Ratio EPS EPS growth this year EPS growth next year EPS growth past 5 years
EPS growth next 5 years Sales growth past 5 years EPS growth qtr over qtr Sales growth qtr over qtr Shares Outstanding Shares Float Insider Ownership Insider Transactions Institutional Ownership Institutional Transactions
Float Short Short Ratio Return on Assets Return on Equity Return on Investments Current Ratio Quick Ratio Long Term Debt/Equity Total Debt/Equity Gross Margin
Operating Margin Net Profit Margin Performance (Week) Performance (Month) Performance (Quarter) Performance (Half Year) Performance (Year) Performance (YearToDate) Beta Average True Range
Volatility (Week) Volatility (Month) 20-Day Simple Moving Average 50-Day Simple Moving Average 200-Day Simple Moving Average 50-Day High 50-Day Low 52-Week High 52-Week Low RSI
Change from Open Gap Analyst Recom. Average Volume Relative Volume Price Change Volume Earnings Date  
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No. Ticker Company Sector Industry Country Market Cap P/E Price Change Volume
1LINCLincoln Educational Services CorporationServicesEducation & Training ServicesUSA70.23M-2.9211.88%178,472
2CHGGChegg, Inc.ServicesEducation & Training ServicesUSA680.86M-8.121.63%1,687,729
3NORDNord Anglia Education, Inc.ServicesEducation & Training ServicesHong Kong2.09B-21.412.74%33,547
4UTIUniversal Technical Institute, Inc.ServicesEducation & Training ServicesUSA244.23M70.299.840.72%172,760
5LTRELearning Tree International Inc.ServicesEducation & Training ServicesUSA24.02M-1.820.00%0
6XUEXueda Education GroupServicesEducation & Training ServicesChina163.90M16.442.630.00%153,560
7GPXGP Strategies Corp.ServicesEducation & Training ServicesUSA609.94M25.4935.69-1.35%74,440
8APOLApollo Education Group, Inc.ServicesEducation & Training ServicesUSA3.00B20.4827.65-0.93%1,030,701
9EPAXAmbassadors Group Inc.ServicesEducation & Training ServicesUSA42.11M-2.476.47%7,110
10XRSTAL Education GroupServicesEducation & Training ServicesChina2.42B37.0130.72-0.10%188,757
11TEDUTarena International, Inc.ServicesEducation & Training ServicesChina577.52M-11.40-2.31%74,320
12CECOCareer Education Corp.ServicesEducation & Training ServicesUSA359.33M-5.34-1.11%476,785
13ABCDCambium Learning Group, Inc.ServicesEducation & Training ServicesUSA119.94M-2.67-0.74%357
14DVDeVry Education Group Inc.ServicesEducation & Training ServicesUSA2.33B15.2336.55-0.27%314,900
15BPIBridgepoint Education, Inc.ServicesEducation & Training ServicesUSA459.14M46.0010.12-0.49%99,335
16NAUHNational American University Holdings, Inc.ServicesEducation & Training ServicesUSA81.84M10.833.25-1.22%4,381
17CPLACapella Education Co.ServicesEducation & Training ServicesUSA792.10M21.3964.82-1.32%47,309
18STRAStrayer Education Inc.ServicesEducation & Training ServicesUSA663.48M13.9960.87-1.54%88,854
19HMHCHoughton Mifflin Harcourt CompanyServicesEducation & Training ServicesUSA2.80B-19.78-1.40%948,422
20FCFranklin Covey Co.ServicesEducation & Training ServicesUSA302.87M16.7317.90-1.86%14,219
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