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TickerNOK [NYSE]
CompanyNokia Corporation
IndustryCommunication Equipment
Market Cap29.52BEPS (ttm)0.16
P/E50.06EPS this Y600.00%
Forward P/E19.03EPS next Y15.34%
PEG3.09EPS past 5Y5.30%
P/S1.18EPS next 5Y16.20%
P/B3.01EPS Q/Q400.00%
Dividend2.00%Sales Q/Q-32.80%
Insider Own-Inst Own8.10%
Insider Trans-Inst Trans-21.92%
Short Float0.35%Earnings-
Analyst Recom2.60Target Price9.46
Avg Volume11.82M52W Range6.57 - 8.73