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TickerAZN [NYSE]
CompanyAstraZeneca PLC
CountryUnited Kingdom
IndustryDrug Manufacturers - Major
Market Cap92.90BEPS (ttm)0.81
P/E91.25EPS this Y-58.70%
Forward P/E17.58EPS next Y-5.40%
PEG130.35EPS past 5Y-13.40%
P/S3.54EPS next 5Y0.70%
P/B4.57EPS Q/Q-79.80%
Dividend2.44%Sales Q/Q4.70%
Insider Own-Inst Own6.70%
Insider Trans-Inst Trans-15.52%
Short Float0.33%EarningsJan 27/b
Analyst Recom2.50Target Price77.88
Avg Volume1.90M52W Range53.18 - 81.61
Nov-28-14 04:35AMAstraZeneca on failed Pfizer deal CNBC
Nov-28-14 02:45AMDrug pipeline strong, less need for M&A: Astrazeneca CEO CNBC
Nov-28-14 02:45AMI'm a strong believer in Europe: Astrazeneca CEO CNBC
Nov-28-14 02:30AMAstrazeneca could eye tech firms for M&A: Expert CNBC
Nov-28-14 01:05AMPfizer deal would have failed: Astrazeneca CEO CNBC
Nov-28-14 01:01AMPfizer deal would probably have failed: AZ CEO at CNBC
Nov-26-14 04:30PMAstraZeneca/Amgen's Brodalumab Excels in Psoriasis Study Zacks
Nov-26-14 03:40PMIntra-Cellular Commences Phase III Schizophrenia Study Zacks
Nov-26-14 12:30PMAstraZeneca's (AZN) Respiratory Drug Approved in the EU Zacks
Nov-26-14 04:35AMPfizer to join forces with AstraZeneca? CNBC