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TickerCVX [NYSE, DJIA, S&P500]
CompanyChevron Corporation
IndustryMajor Integrated Oil & Gas
Market Cap200.42BEPS (ttm)10.86
P/E9.76EPS this Y-16.70%
Forward P/E12.94EPS next Y-18.23%
PEG1.88EPS past 5Y-1.00%
P/S0.94EPS next 5Y5.20%
P/B1.28EPS Q/Q15.20%
Dividend4.04%Sales Q/Q-8.70%
Insider Own0.02%Inst Own64.80%
Insider Trans0.80%Inst Trans-0.96%
Short Float0.83%EarningsOct 31/b
Analyst Recom2.40Target Price126.02
Avg Volume8.38M52W Range100.15 - 132.73
Dec-18-14 08:33AMChevron (CVX) Stock Higher Today After Suspending Arctic Drilling at TheStreet
Dec-18-14 06:58AMChevron Abandons Drilling Plans off Canadian Coast at Bloomberg
Dec-18-14 12:15AMChevron Suspends Arctic Offshore Drilling Program in Canada Indefinitely at The Wall Street Journal
Dec-17-14 09:10PMChevron drops Arctic drilling plan at Financial Times
Dec-17-14 06:00PMChevron cancels Canadian Arctic drilling as oil prices slide Reuters
Dec-17-14 04:26PMChevron Withdraws From A Multi-Billion Dollar Project In Ukraine Gurufocus
Dec-17-14 03:00PMOil stocks see 'bottom' in crude, but analysts do not at CNBC
Dec-17-14 01:05PMOil Prices Continue Their Slide But How Low Can They Go? at TheStreet
Dec-17-14 09:32AMChevron Shale Exit Shreds Ukraines Hope of Energy Independence at Bloomberg
Dec-16-14 02:11PMBeaten up oil stock picks CNBC
CompanyHSBC Holdings plc
CountryUnited Kingdom
IndustryForeign Money Center Banks
Market Cap179.78BEPS (ttm)4.01
P/E11.65EPS this Y13.90%
Forward P/E47.90EPS next Y5.86%
PEG8.32EPS past 5Y12.50%
P/S4.19EPS next 5Y1.40%
P/B0.97EPS Q/Q-1.20%
Dividend4.28%Sales Q/Q0.40%
Insider Own-Inst Own3.10%
Insider Trans-Inst Trans-2.22%
Short Float0.06%Earnings-
Analyst Recom2.70Target Price58.34
Avg Volume1.79M52W Range46.08 - 53.71
Dec-10-14 03:23PMMorgan Stanley Sees Key Opportunities In European Banks Benzinga
Dec-10-14 08:30AMHow Serious Are Current Protests And Political Risks In Mexico? at Forbes
Dec-10-14 05:48AMHSBC dismisses London FX trading chief at MarketWatch
Dec-03-14 10:17AMAutumn Statement: The Market's Winners and Losers at The Wall Street Journal
Nov-26-14 03:15PMGoldman, HSBC Sued Over Metals Price Fixing Charges Zacks
Nov-26-14 09:00AMHSBC Fined for Unregistered Services; DOJ Probes Data Leak Zacks
Nov-25-14 05:23PMJustice Department investigating possible HSBC leak to hedge fund at MarketWatch
Nov-25-14 01:54PMSEC charges HSBC's Swiss bank $12.5 million with giving unregistered services at MarketWatch
Nov-25-14 06:20AMEuropean Stocks Rise as Germany's Economy Posts Modest Growth at TheStreet
Nov-24-14 03:58PMThe Royal Bank of Scotland Commits Error in Stress Test Zacks
TickerIBM [NYSE, DJIA, S&P500]
CompanyInternational Business Machines Corporation
IndustryInformation Technology Services
Market Cap150.36BEPS (ttm)15.93
P/E9.54EPS this Y4.00%
Forward P/E9.03EPS next Y4.29%
PEG1.61EPS past 5Y10.90%
P/S1.56EPS next 5Y5.93%
P/B10.57EPS Q/Q-8.20%
Dividend2.90%Sales Q/Q-4.00%
Insider Own0.06%Inst Own59.60%
Insider Trans-3.73%Inst Trans0.09%
Short Float2.18%EarningsJan 20/a
Analyst Recom3.00Target Price168.90
Avg Volume5.04M52W Range150.50 - 195.56
Dec-18-14 11:40AMOne Reason IBM Stock Is Higher Today at TheStreet
Dec-18-14 11:17AMIBM Insider-Trading Plea May Be Tossed Over Landmark Ruling at Bloomberg
Dec-18-14 05:00AM'Fast Money' Recap: A Relief Rally but Where's the Market Headed? at TheStreet
Dec-17-14 05:03PMIBM's Outgoing General Counsel Looks Back at the Future at The Wall Street Journal
Dec-17-14 05:00PM4 Ways to play tech CNBC
Dec-17-14 04:06PM4:06 pm IBM announce continued expansion of its global cloud computing network to 40 cloud centers with 12 new locations in Europe, Asia and the Americas
Dec-17-14 04:00PMIBM Continues to Focus on Cloud, Unveiling Additional Cloud Centers Around the World at TheStreet
Dec-17-14 04:00PMIBM says cloud business enjoying "breakthrough year" Reuters
Dec-17-14 04:00PMIBM Cloud Closes The Year With A Bang--More Data Centers, More Customers at Forbes
Dec-17-14 01:20PMIBM boosts global data centre network at Financial Times