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Market Cap. P/E Forward P/E PEG P/S
P/B Price/Cash Price/Free Cash Flow EPS growth
this year
EPS growth
next year
EPS growth
past 5 years
EPS growth
next 5 years
Sales growth
past 5 years
EPS growth
qtr over qtr
Sales growth
qtr over qtr
Dividend Yield Return on Assets Return on Equity Return on Investment Current Ratio
Quick Ratio LT Debt/Equity Debt/Equity Gross Margin Operating Margin
Net Profit Margin Payout Ratio Insider
Float Short Analyst Recom. Option/Short Earnings Date
Performance Performance 2 Volatility RSI (14) Gap
20-Day Simple Moving Average 50-Day Simple Moving Average 200-Day Simple Moving Average Change Change from Open
20-Day High/Low 50-Day High/Low 52-Week High/Low Pattern Candlestick
Beta Average True Range Average Volume Relative Volume Current Volume
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CompanyAMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
IndustryDiagnostic Substances
Market Cap1.26BPerf Week14.38%
Beta0.11Perf Month10.60%
ATR1.99Perf Quarter33.78%
Volatility W5.19%Perf Half Y119.97%
Volatility M4.27%Perf Year132.99%
SMA2014.57%Perf YTD15.51%
SMA5013.48%RSI (14)71.09
SMA20064.74%Change Open0.37%
52W High-1.34%Gap-0.83%
52W Low198.54%Rel Volume1.40
Short Float38.27%Avg Volume650.92K
CandlestickSpinning Top White52W Range16.49 - 49.90
TickerCNC [NYSE]
CompanyCentene Corp.
IndustryHealth Care Plans
Market Cap7.28BPerf Week2.69%
Beta1.11Perf Month12.05%
ATR1.30Perf Quarter24.59%
Volatility W2.01%Perf Half Y62.55%
Volatility M2.36%Perf Year95.61%
SMA204.87%Perf YTD18.37%
SMA5010.95%RSI (14)69.14
SMA20038.97%Change Open0.72%
52W High-1.30%Gap-0.26%
52W Low123.04%Rel Volume0.73
Short Float2.63%Avg Volume1.18M
CandlestickWhite52W Range27.56 - 62.27
CompanyCommScope Holding Company, Inc.
IndustryCommunication Equipment
Market Cap5.91BPerf Week1.29%
Beta-Perf Month16.11%
ATR1.17Perf Quarter41.96%
Volatility W3.85%Perf Half Y22.43%
Volatility M3.57%Perf Year33.31%
SMA204.90%Perf YTD37.98%
SMA5023.31%RSI (14)73.02
SMA20030.11%Change Open1.38%
52W High-1.41%Gap-0.73%
52W Low60.06%Rel Volume0.66
Short Float1.83%Avg Volume1.59M
CandlestickWhite52W Range19.68 - 31.95
CompanyDenny's Corporation
Market Cap975.13MPerf Week-2.04%
Beta1.21Perf Month3.97%
ATR0.33Perf Quarter19.15%
Volatility W2.56%Perf Half Y68.77%
Volatility M2.97%Perf Year70.01%
SMA203.45%Perf YTD11.64%
SMA507.78%RSI (14)58.38
SMA20040.56%Change Open-1.88%
52W High-3.68%Gap-0.59%
52W Low87.77%Rel Volume0.70
Short Float1.96%Avg Volume900.64K
CandlestickBlack52W Range6.13 - 11.95
CompanyDepoMed Inc.
IndustryDrug Manufacturers - Other
Market Cap1.29BPerf Week9.64%
Beta1.32Perf Month19.16%
ATR0.86Perf Quarter41.34%
Volatility W4.54%Perf Half Y41.70%
Volatility M3.83%Perf Year74.07%
SMA2014.28%Perf YTD36.25%
SMA5022.82%RSI (14)71.05
SMA20048.34%Change Open-3.00%
52W High-5.39%Gap0.13%
52W Low122.84%Rel Volume1.54
Short Float11.94%Avg Volume1.06M
CandlestickBlack52W Range9.85 - 23.20
TickerDLTR [NASD, S&P 500]
CompanyDollar Tree, Inc.
IndustryDiscount, Variety Stores
Market Cap16.39BPerf Week2.56%
Beta0.28Perf Month13.89%
ATR1.56Perf Quarter19.28%
Volatility W1.79%Perf Half Y48.77%
Volatility M2.02%Perf Year45.77%
SMA205.16%Perf YTD13.21%
SMA5010.85%RSI (14)71.90
SMA20031.28%Change Open0.91%
52W High-1.45%Gap-0.10%
52W Low60.35%Rel Volume1.24
Short Float6.68%Avg Volume3.35M
CandlestickWhite52W Range49.69 - 80.85
TickerEA [NASD, S&P 500]
CompanyElectronic Arts Inc.
IndustryMultimedia & Graphics Software
Market Cap17.73BPerf Week-0.85%
Beta0.96Perf Month4.71%
ATR1.31Perf Quarter29.93%
Volatility W1.72%Perf Half Y53.63%
Volatility M2.21%Perf Year100.35%
SMA201.94%Perf YTD21.61%
SMA5012.03%RSI (14)64.71
SMA20040.14%Change Open0.65%
52W High-2.87%Gap-1.59%
52W Low114.64%Rel Volume0.73
Short Float5.08%Avg Volume4.06M
CandlestickWhite52W Range26.64 - 58.87
CompanyIPG Photonics Corporation
IndustrySemiconductor Equipment & Materials
Market Cap5.00BPerf Week2.81%
Beta1.63Perf Month29.91%
ATR2.70Perf Quarter31.98%
Volatility W2.86%Perf Half Y38.36%
Volatility M3.22%Perf Year37.95%
SMA2011.21%Perf YTD28.00%
SMA5021.86%RSI (14)76.00
SMA20035.74%Change Open-2.01%
52W High-3.35%Gap-0.56%
52W Low59.01%Rel Volume0.95
Short Float22.01%Avg Volume541.89K
CandlestickBlack52W Range60.31 - 99.22
CompanyJetBlue Airways Corporation
IndustryRegional Airlines
Market Cap5.36BPerf Week-1.43%
Beta0.78Perf Month9.32%
ATR0.62Perf Quarter26.30%
Volatility W3.13%Perf Half Y39.26%
Volatility M3.79%Perf Year91.56%
SMA201.56%Perf YTD8.70%
SMA507.75%RSI (14)55.42
SMA20037.21%Change Open-0.46%
52W High-5.27%Gap-0.17%
52W Low126.54%Rel Volume0.80
Short Float16.05%Avg Volume8.44M
CandlestickBlack52W Range7.61 - 18.20
TickerLB [NYSE, S&P 500]
CompanyL Brands, Inc.
IndustryApparel Stores
Market Cap26.89BPerf Week1.68%
Beta1.13Perf Month11.14%
ATR1.62Perf Quarter19.35%
Volatility W1.73%Perf Half Y48.76%
Volatility M1.78%Perf Year71.09%
SMA203.11%Perf YTD9.07%
SMA508.19%RSI (14)64.24
SMA20033.79%Change Open0.17%
52W High-1.06%Gap-0.30%
52W Low80.81%Rel Volume0.66
Short Float2.07%Avg Volume1.75M
CandlestickWhite52W Range50.81 - 92.84
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