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Exchange Index Sector Industry Country
Market Cap. P/E Forward P/E PEG P/S
P/B Price/Cash Price/Free Cash Flow EPS growth
this year
EPS growth
next year
EPS growth
past 5 years
EPS growth
next 5 years
Sales growth
past 5 years
EPS growth
qtr over qtr
Sales growth
qtr over qtr
Dividend Yield Return on Assets Return on Equity Return on Investment Current Ratio
Quick Ratio LT Debt/Equity Debt/Equity Gross Margin Operating Margin
Net Profit Margin Payout Ratio Insider
Float Short Analyst Recom. Option/Short Earnings Date
Performance Performance 2 Volatility RSI (14) Gap
20-Day Simple Moving Average 50-Day Simple Moving Average 200-Day Simple Moving Average Change Change from Open
20-Day High/Low 50-Day High/Low 52-Week High/Low Pattern Candlestick
Beta Average True Range Average Volume Relative Volume Current Volume
Overview Valuation Financial Ownership Performance Technical Custom Charts Tickers Quotes Basic TA News Snapshot
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TickerNRP [NYSE]
CompanyNatural Resource Partners LP
IndustryIndustrial Metals & Minerals
Market Cap978.40MPerf Week1.91%
Beta1.04Perf Month-14.80%
ATR0.39Perf Quarter-35.06%
Volatility W3.19%Perf Half Y-46.95%
Volatility M4.75%Perf Year-41.35%
SMA20-4.91%Perf YTD-10.11%
SMA50-8.09%RSI (14)41.38
SMA200-34.36%Change Open-2.20%
52W High-48.75%Gap0.37%
52W Low6.10%Rel Volume0.73
Short Float2.05%Avg Volume725.13K
CandlestickBlack52W Range7.54 - 15.61
TickerNHI [NYSE]
CompanyNational Health Investors Inc.
IndustryREIT - Healthcare Facilities
Market Cap2.67BPerf Week0.35%
Beta0.47Perf Month-6.01%
ATR1.39Perf Quarter9.56%
Volatility W1.62%Perf Half Y13.85%
Volatility M2.04%Perf Year21.80%
SMA20-2.15%Perf YTD1.74%
SMA50-1.24%RSI (14)45.09
SMA20011.13%Change Open-0.92%
52W High-7.53%Gap-0.31%
52W Low27.31%Rel Volume0.34
Short Float3.18%Avg Volume261.68K
CandlestickBlack52W Range55.91 - 76.98
TickerAZN [NYSE]
CompanyAstraZeneca PLC
CountryUnited Kingdom
IndustryDrug Manufacturers - Major
Market Cap87.16BPerf Week1.57%
Beta0.54Perf Month-1.32%
ATR1.04Perf Quarter-4.23%
Volatility W1.18%Perf Half Y-3.79%
Volatility M1.35%Perf Year6.02%
SMA201.26%Perf YTD0.80%
SMA500.79%RSI (14)54.08
SMA200-1.45%Change Open0.01%
52W High-13.06%Gap-0.96%
52W Low16.32%Rel Volume0.57
Short Float0.10%Avg Volume1.83M
CandlestickDoji52W Range59.33 - 79.38
TickerTGP [NYSE]
CompanyTeekay LNG Partners LP.
Market Cap2.82BPerf Week-5.51%
Beta0.71Perf Month-5.36%
ATR0.93Perf Quarter-5.78%
Volatility W2.01%Perf Half Y-12.90%
Volatility M2.67%Perf Year-3.89%
SMA20-3.80%Perf YTD-13.56%
SMA50-7.13%RSI (14)32.40
SMA200-9.34%Change Open-0.46%
52W High-18.93%Gap0.14%
52W Low12.57%Rel Volume1.19
Short Float3.22%Avg Volume350.48K
CandlestickBlack52W Range32.45 - 45.06
TickerPT [NYSE]
CompanyPortugal Telecom, SGPS S.A.
IndustryWireless Communications
Market Cap690.57MPerf Week-8.61%
Beta1.34Perf Month-10.34%
ATR0.06Perf Quarter-56.67%
Volatility W4.49%Perf Half Y-57.61%
Volatility M6.61%Perf Year-81.73%
SMA20-4.75%Perf YTD-26.42%
SMA50-19.27%RSI (14)37.14
SMA200-62.45%Change Open-3.70%
52W High-82.54%Gap0.00%
52W Low9.84%Rel Volume0.29
Short Float1.61%Avg Volume681.82K
CandlestickBlack52W Range0.71 - 4.47
CompanyApollo Investment Corporation
IndustryAsset Management
Market Cap1.84BPerf Week-0.51%
Beta1.24Perf Month8.04%
ATR0.13Perf Quarter-2.75%
Volatility W1.52%Perf Half Y-6.37%
Volatility M1.90%Perf Year0.13%
SMA203.73%Perf YTD4.99%
SMA505.38%RSI (14)63.19
SMA200-0.80%Change Open-0.76%
52W High-7.55%Gap0.38%
52W Low17.80%Rel Volume0.63
Short Float6.83%Avg Volume2.40M
CandlestickBlack52W Range6.61 - 8.43
TickerSXL [NYSE]
CompanySunoco Logistics Partners L.P.
IndustryOil & Gas Pipelines
Market Cap9.78BPerf Week-2.59%
Beta0.60Perf Month6.56%
ATR1.50Perf Quarter-11.07%
Volatility W3.19%Perf Half Y-7.32%
Volatility M3.64%Perf Year11.41%
SMA200.82%Perf YTD7.10%
SMA505.58%RSI (14)53.50
SMA200-1.55%Change Open-3.48%
52W High-14.71%Gap-0.13%
52W Low26.72%Rel Volume0.56
Short Float0.81%Avg Volume721.84K
CandlestickBlack52W Range34.99 - 51.99
CompanyAlliance Resource Partners LP
IndustryIndustrial Metals & Minerals
Market Cap2.91BPerf Week-2.73%
Beta0.83Perf Month-0.88%
ATR1.38Perf Quarter-17.19%
Volatility W2.97%Perf Half Y-19.11%
Volatility M3.90%Perf Year-1.73%
SMA202.16%Perf YTD-7.25%
SMA50-0.64%RSI (14)50.50
SMA200-9.67%Change Open0.51%
52W High-23.90%Gap0.00%
52W Low9.67%Rel Volume0.73
Short Float2.40%Avg Volume252.80K
CandlestickSpinning Top White52W Range35.79 - 51.58
TickerO [NYSE]
CompanyRealty Income Corporation
IndustryREIT - Retail
Market Cap11.21BPerf Week-3.07%
Beta0.47Perf Month-9.21%
ATR1.18Perf Quarter8.76%
Volatility W2.39%Perf Half Y13.93%
Volatility M2.33%Perf Year17.53%
SMA20-4.93%Perf YTD4.75%
SMA50-2.27%RSI (14)39.64
SMA20010.04%Change Open-2.16%
52W High-10.01%Gap-0.37%
52W Low31.49%Rel Volume1.19
Short Float10.23%Avg Volume2.27M
CandlestickBlack52W Range37.88 - 55.35
TickerVTR [NYSE, S&P 500]
CompanyVentas, Inc.
IndustryREIT - Healthcare Facilities
Market Cap24.41BPerf Week-3.35%
Beta0.38Perf Month-8.64%
ATR1.62Perf Quarter7.25%
Volatility W2.14%Perf Half Y15.92%
Volatility M2.09%Perf Year24.90%
SMA20-4.93%Perf YTD3.17%
SMA50-3.06%RSI (14)37.76
SMA2009.66%Change Open-0.79%
52W High-9.95%Gap-0.08%
52W Low30.97%Rel Volume0.86
Short Float3.59%Avg Volume2.96M
CandlestickBlack52W Range56.34 - 81.93
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