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Real-time and Extended Hours

Real-time stock quotes, premarket,
and aftermarket data in all stock features

Find real-time data and access extended hours sessions from 7:00AM in the following sections:

  • Homepage and maps
  • Charts and stock quotes
  • Stock Screener

Advanced Charts

Technical studies & Interactivity

More charting possibilities that are necessary for performing deep technical analysis, such as:

  • Intraday charts
  • Overlays and indicators
  • Drawing tools
  • Fullscreen layouts
  • Performance comparison charts


Profitability research on technical indicators

Backtest will help you evaluate your trading strategies before applying them to the real market.

Our platform offers:

  • 100 technical indicators
  • 24 years of historical data
  • Compare with SPY benchmark


Performance tracking of correlated stocks

Featuring proprietary correlation algorithms optimized for financial markets.

  • Find correlated/inversely correlated stocks
  • Diversify risk
  • Alternate your positions

Advanced Screener

Statistics, Data Export and Custom filters

The enhanced Stock Screener offers additional options for an analysis of filtered stocks:

  • Data export
  • Advanced charts
  • Customized filters
  • Statistics view

Alerts & Notifications

E-mail notifications about important events

Get instant e-mail and push notifications for individual stocks and portfolios. Alerts can be triggered by these events:

  • News, portfolio, ratings
  • Price
  • New ticker fits Screener criteria
And a completely ad-free layout.
Feature Free Registered FINVIZ*Elite
Quotes, Charts, Screening Delayed Delayed Realtime
Maps, Groups 3-5 min 3-5 min Realtime
Intraday Charts No No Yes
Advanced Charts, Technical Studies No No Yes
Technical Studies Backtest No No Yes
Email Alerts No No Price, Insider, Rating, News
Fundamental Charts No No EPS, Sales, Shares
Correlations No No Yes
Officers No No Yes
Statements 3 years 3 years 8 years
Portfolios per User No Max 50 Max 100
Tickers per Portfolio No Max 50 Max 500
Screener Presets No Max 50 Max 200
Screener Rows per Page (table / charts / snapshots) 20 / 36 / 10 20 / 36 / 10 Max 100 / 120 / 50
Screener Custom Ranges, Stats View No No Yes
Export to Excel, APIs No No Yes
Layout Customization No Layout, Signals Layout, Signals
Without advertisement No No Yes

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