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12:54AM Malaysia court rules in favor of Wynn Macau in $4.2 million case: lawyer
12:01AM Bond Traders in Data Limbo Doubt Curve-Steepener Bets Have Legs
12:00AM Italian Stocks Shrug Off Investor Concern, Top European Markets
12:00AM JBS Posts World Best Meat Rally With Scandal in Rear-View Mirror
Jan-18 The Wall Street Journal: Mueller’s office disputes Buzzfeed report alleging that Trump directed Cohen to lie
Jan-18 Explainer: How U.S.-China talks differ from any other trade deal
Jan-18 PBGC steps in to oversee Sears' two pension plans
Jan-18 Apple ordered to pull part of press release in Qualcomm case
Jan-18 Exclusive: BlackRock, Goldman to move some fund managers to U.S. if no-deal Brexit - sources
Jan-18 F.T.C. Is Said to Be Considering Large Facebook Fines
Jan-18 John E. Merow, Former Head of Sullivan & Cromwell, Dies at 89
Jan-18 St Baker, China Partner Plan A$6 Billion Coal Plants: Australian
Jan-18 Trump Administration Spells Out Who Wins and Loses From New Tax Break
Jan-18 Stocks getting a bit frothy after move higher, could pause as more earnings roll out
Jan-18 Mark Hulbert: Here’s what low NYSE trading volume is telling us about the stock market’s direction
Jan-18 Edison Looks to Shift the Blame for California Mudslides
Jan-18 Why Brexit is a lot like The Big Lebowski
Jan-18 AT&T to Advertise on YouTube Again After a Nearly 2-Year Holdout
Jan-18 White House adviser Kudlow says making progress on China trade talks
Jan-18 Fed's Brainard sees mounting negative risks for U.S. economy
Jan-18 Outside the Box: Druckenmiller pushes into cloud stocks, saying they’re disruptive and defensive at the same time
Jan-18 Outside the Box: Herald the new space race — and another exponential advance of technology
Jan-18 Outside the Box: U.S. stock market has switched to bullish from bearish too quickly
Jan-18 NewsWatch: Stocks close higher for fourth day as optimism mounts over U.S.-China trade
Jan-18 Cryptos: Bitcoin prices muted but volatility is on the rise, says Cboe analyst
Jan-18 Capitol Report: Amy Klobuchar, John Kennedy again push bipartisan online-privacy legislation in Senate
Jan-18 LJM Partners sues unnamed 'manipulators' it blames for volatility losses
Jan-18 Disney is already losing over $1 billion in streaming, and its Netflix competitor has yet to launch
Jan-18 When hiring, be gender neutral and look for the best athletes
Jan-18 The Conversation: Debit card for student-loan borrowers will do little to erase a mountain of debt
Jan-18 Oil Gloom Turns to Boom as the Market’s Worst Fears Fade Away
Jan-18 Fed policymakers leave little doubt: Rate hikes can wait
Jan-18 Polls Show Government Shutdown Is Eroding Faith in Economy
Jan-18 Tesla stock tanks as layoffs, profit comment ignite demand fears
Jan-18 Seems like investors just overreacted—big time—when they dumped all that stock
Jan-18 Airline Avianca Brasil in Talks With Elliott for Cash Injection
Jan-18 Exclusive: U.S. demands regular review of China trade reform
Jan-18 Confidence Busted. Consensus Broken. And a Rally Like Few Others
Jan-18 Head of Wells Fargo Asset Management to Depart
Jan-18 Silver Is the Outcast Among Precious-Metals Outcast to Start 2019
Jan-18 Oil Hasn't Started a Year This Hot Since the Turn of the Century
Jan-18 Canadian Stocks Post Their Best Start to the Year Since 1980
Jan-18 Tesla to Cut 3,000 Jobs in Bid to Sell Model 3 to Mass Market
Jan-18 Fannie-Freddie Soar on FHFA Chief's Conservatorship Comment
Jan-18 SEC Cover Band Rocks Out on Behalf of Furloughed Workers
Jan-18 Brexit: Liam Fox yet to seal no-deal trade agreements
Jan-18 Elon Musk's Whiplash in Tone on Profit Sends Tesla Shares Sliding
Jan-18 U.S. Oil-Rig Fleet Shrinks the Most in Almost 3 Years
Jan-18 Stocks Keep Climbing as Hopes for US-China Trade Deal Rise
Jan-18 Bears Chased Out of Stocks as S&P 500 Obstacles Fall by Wayside
Jan-18 The market is recovering because earnings are turning out to be not so bad
Jan-18 Stocks making the biggest moves midday: Netflix, Boeing, Tesla, Eli Lilly & more
Jan-18 VF's Results Ease China Concerns, Send Peer Canada Goose Higher
Jan-18 Tesla Layoffs Stoke Wall Street's Long-Running Bull-Bear Clash
Jan-18 A Bullish ETF Trader With $6 Billion Just Made Some Risky Bets
Jan-18 Turkish Government Coffers Fill Up on Central Bank Profit Surge
Jan-18 A major wall Street player is cutting 1,500 jobs and accelerating automation
Jan-18 This sluggish market may call for a 'low and slow' portfolio
Jan-18 Your first trade for Friday, January 18
Jan-18 China offers 6-year import boost in trade talks with US: Sources
Jan-18 Mainland China Provides Silver Lining to Tiffany Holiday Results
Jan-18 Hedge Fund Clients Yank $22.5 Billion, the Most in Two Years
Jan-18 Job Cuts Show Tesla’s Not That Different From Other Carmakers
Jan-18 Canada Unfazed by Oilseed Crossfire With Canola Set for Record
Jan-18 Concerns About Political Interference Trigger Review of Norway’s $1 Trillion Fund
Jan-18 Venezuela Boasts World's Best Bonds as Maduro Looks Vulnerable
Jan-18 Citizens Financial, Regions Shares Part Ways as One Beats, One Matches
Jan-18 Murdoch asks to merge Times titles
Jan-18 John Williams Says Fed Should Be Patient About Any Further Tightening
Jan-18 Saudi Arabia in Talks to Build Oil Refinery in South Africa
Jan-18 From ‘Gangster’ to Viral Hit, Peppa Pig Woos China and Investors
Jan-18 This Analyst Makes the Bull Case for U.S. Equities
Jan-18 Amazon issues no-deal advice to UK sellers
Jan-18 U.S. Could Soon Pump More Crude Than Saudis Can at Their Peak
Jan-18 Elon Musk's Tesla to cut about 3,000 jobs as cars 'too expensive'
Jan-18 Ivory Coast Ex-President to Remain in Custody Pending Appeal
Jan-18 The Tariff Trial Balloon Was Popped on Take Off: Taking Stock
Jan-18 Economists Downplay Indicators That Say U.S. Recession Is Coming
Jan-18 Netflix Targets Raised on Strength in International Subscribers
Jan-18 Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day
Jan-18 UK retail sales slide in December
Jan-18 Mozambique Ex-Finance Minister Drops South African Bail Bid
Jan-18 Common Sense: Why Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Should Worry Amazon Investors
Jan-18 Forget the Rebound, Grantham’s GMO Says Stock Bubble Is Bursting
Jan-18 These Money Managers Are Getting Ready to Profit From a U.S. Economic Downturn
Jan-18 Even College Graduates Can’t Afford a Home on the West Coast
Jan-18 As Iron-Fisted Maduro Lets Foe Roam Freely, Some Sense Weakness
Jan-18 Israeli Billionaire Leviev's Zambia Emerald-Mine Stake Restored
Jan-18 Prospects Brightening for Krona as Sweden Gets New Government
Jan-18 Netflix shows Bird Box and Elite drive subscriber growth
12:05AM The Price Of Empire
Jan-18 Army Struggles To Reach Generation Z, Tries Recruiting At Video Game Tournaments
Jan-18 Crypto Credibility (& Why Gold Makes Sense For Russia)
Jan-18 Trucking Companies At War Over This New Niche Of E-Commerce Delivery
Jan-18 A 'Convenient Killing' Of US Troops In Syria
Jan-18 Automating Retail: Googly-Eyed Robots Are Coming to Nearly 500 Grocery Stores
Jan-18 Is Putin Stealing Santa's Grotto? The Magnetic North Pole Has Moved Closer To Russia
Jan-18 Watch Robot Dog Deliver A Package From Autonomous Shuttle
Jan-18 Solar Investment Plunges Amid Panel Glut
Jan-18 What #MeToo: Booze & Hookers Is How Many Asian Countries Do Business
Jan-18 China Pledges US Buying Spree to Reduce Trade Surplus With US to Zero By 2024
Jan-18 Phoenix Real Estate in December: Sales down 9% YoY, Active Inventory up 6% YoY
Jan-18 The United States: “Flawed Democracy”
Jan-18 Succinct Summation of Week’s Events 1.18.19
Jan-18 Musk Backslides on Profit Every Quarter Pledge, Will Cut 7% of Workforce
Jan-18 Motor Vehicle Production Index Hits New Record High
Jan-18 Q4 GDP Forecasts: Mid-to-High 2s
Jan-18 Consumer Sentiment Declined in January, Lowest since 2006
Jan-18 Friday links: a daily knife fight
Jan-18 BLS: Unemployment Rates Higher in 4 states in December; Lower in 3 States
Jan-18 Allegiant Changes Course
Jan-18 Sum Of Parts Valuation Of Sony Shows More Than 50% Upside
Jan-18 Industrial Production Increased 0.3% in December
Jan-18 Accessing The Power Of Stress-Free, REIT Preferred Stocks
Jan-18 Bears Have A Point, But Turtle Beach Still Looks Too Cheap Here
Jan-18 Podcast links: podcast discovery
Jan-18 15% Distribution Growth, No Debt, And 21% Below Lowest Price Target: Hess Midstream Partners LP
Jan-18 Narrative or Data? Yes.
Jan-18 Wall St. Doesn’t Care About 800,000 Workers
Jan-18 10 Friday AM Reads
Jan-18 The Fortune Teller's Predictions For 2019: S&P 500 At A Critical Juncture
Jan-18 2011 Land Rover Defender
Jan-18 The Attention War
Jan-17 UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Makes Fundamental Mistake
Jan-17 Friday: Industrial Production
Jan-17 Trade Debate: US Mulls Lifting Sanctions on China to Hasten Deal, Calm Markets
Jan-17 Eleven Economic Reports Delayed Due to Gov't Shutdown: Do We Even Need Them?
Jan-17 California Existing Homes in December: Sales Down 12% YoY, Inventory Up 31%
Jan-17 BBRG: Praise for John Bogle Compounds, Just Like His Returns
Jan-17 Comparing The High-Yield Tsakos Energy Navigation Preferred Issues As The Tanker Sector Rebounds
Jan-17 Thursday links: falling outside the range
Jan-17 AGNC Investment's Q4 2018 And 1/11/2019 BV Projection (Includes Annaly BV Projection)
Jan-17 How Much Are You Willing to Pay for a Netflix Subscription?
Jan-17 Economic Comic Relief
Jan-17 RIP, Jack Bogle
Jan-17 Short MercadoLibre - Extreme Valuation With Growth Headwinds
Jan-17 Nuveen Preferred & Income Securities: Protect Your Income With Quality Preferred Stocks - The 8% Yield Will Not Last Long
Jan-17 Startup links: lonely investors
Jan-17 Philly Fed Mfg "Continued to Grow" in January
Jan-17 Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims decreased to 213,000
Jan-17 2 Simple Rules to Warren Buffett’s Success
Jan-17 The Date Stocks Will Reach New Highs
Jan-17 10 Thursday AM Reads
Jan-17 Rally Rd
Jan-16 No-Deal Brexit Odds Greater Than You May Think
Jan-16 Remembering Jack Bogle
Jan-16 Tracking the Trade War: US Car Sales to China Down, Parts From China Up
Jan-16 Blair on the Gender Gap in Finance
Jan-16 Volatility Holds the Key to Markets in 2019
Jan-16 Short Trades Limp Out
Jan-16 Theresa May Survives Vote of No Confidence 325-306
Jan-16 BBRG: Three Necessary Steps to End Brexit Madness
Jan-16 Import Prices Decline Year-Over-Year, Export Prices Slightly Positive
Jan-16 Wednesday links: motivated employees
Jan-16 Awakening Your Talent
Jan-16 My Private CES Tour Just Revealed the Future of Ford, GM
Jan-16 Markets Hang “Between Order and Chaos”
Jan-16 Personal finance links: steering off course
Jan-16 DHUnplugged #439: Black Eyed Finance
Jan-16 Rally Rd
Jan-15 Tuesday links: a powerful bias
Jan-15 Research links: terrible sellers
Jan-15 Jay Powell’s Gift to Markets
Jan-15 REVEALED: When Recession Starts
Jan-15 Momentum Monday – The Waiting and S&P 2,600
Jan-14 Swing trade breaks in Shorts favour but no follow through lower.
Jan-14 Introducing: The “Chinese Amazon” — Plus, 5 “Must Knows” for Monday, January 14th
Jan-14 Monday links: equity focal length
Jan-14 JOMO – The Joy of Missing Out and Sunday in Toronto
Jan-14 Weekly Market Recap Jan 13, 2019
Jan-13 Some Things To Look For In This Market Going Forward
Jan-13 Has the bounce peaked?
Jan-13 Open Source Software – An Undeniable Megatrend
Jan-12 TDI Podcast: It’s All About That Hedge (#595)
Jan-11 Moments of Truth and What The Playbook Says Happens Next…
Jan-11 Hedge Fund Links ~ 1/11/19
Jan-10 Me and Lupe Fiasco…Also Bezos and WeChat and Vaping
Jan-10 S&P & Dow Jones reaches resistance
Jan-10 Maxime Franzetti Long Korian: Sohn London Conference
Jan-10 Per Lekander Long Carbon Credits: Sohn London Conference