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09:40AM 3 reasons behind the crash that dragged Bitcoin under $50K
09:12AM Steve Cohen-backed start-up bets on 24-hour trading so investors can react instantly to tweets
09:00AM This Banker Is Minting Money in the Fintech Boom
08:51AM Small-Cap Stocks Hit Hard by Covid-19 Omicron Variant
08:47AM Abu Dhabi leads most Gulf bourses higher; Qatar dips
08:00AM Welcome to ‘Web3.’ What’s That?
08:00AM Credit Funds Signal More Pain as Record Cash Swamps Treasury ETF
07:21AM Saudi Arabia Raises Oil Prices for Asian and U.S. Customers
07:11AM Sunshine 100 Says It Has Defaulted on Senior Notes Due 2021
07:05AM China Braces for Evergrande Restructuring After Months of Tumult
06:09AM Trump social media firm raises $1bn from investors
06:07AM China regulator says govt policies not necessarily linked to overseas IPOs
05:41AM Bitcoin price tumbles after Wall Street selloff
05:30AM The Mutual Fund That Ate Wall Street---Based on an Index Few People Know About
05:26AM China Braces for Evergrande Restructuring After Months of Tumult
05:16AM The world has the tools to end Covid pandemic. They're not being used properly
05:03AM Vietnam Says It Bought $25 Billion of Dollars Over Past 2 Years
04:58AM China CSRC Downplays Overseas Delisting Fear After Stock Plunge
03:20AM Most Gulf bourses gain in early trade, Qatar eases
02:44AM Abu Dhabi Stocks Lead Mideast Gains After Global Rout: Inside EM
02:30AM Five Words Marked 2021 for World Stocks and May Do Again In 2022
Dec-04 Top Space Force official: China is developing space capabilities at 'twice the rate' of US
Dec-04 Austin Says U.S. Will Counter China’s ‘Disturbing’ Activities
Dec-04 Sec. Austin says US isn't afraid of Chinese competition even as country advances its hypersonic weapons
Dec-04 BP oil spill fund: $103M to projects in 3 Gulf states
Dec-04 Her dream to teach English in Japan ended with a lesson for the country
Dec-04 Australia to Upgrade 2022 Economic Forecasts at Mid-Year Update
Dec-04 NYC Reports More Omicron; No New Year Party in Rio: Virus Update
Dec-04 CNN fires Chris Cuomo
Dec-04 CNN Fires Chris Cuomo Over His Efforts to Help Andrew
Dec-04 Bond Market’s Faith in Fed Set For Biggest Test Since the 1980s
Dec-04 U.S. Winds of Inflation Are Blowing Winter Gale: Eco Week Ahead
Dec-04 Goldman Sachs cuts US GDP growth forecast for 2022 over Omicron fears
Dec-04 Stock Rout Leaves Traders Wondering How Worried to Be About Fed’s Hawkish Turn
Dec-04 U.S. Says Chances of Rejoining Iran Nuclear Deal May Slip Away
Dec-04 How Young Adults Can Start Saving and Investing
Dec-04 US intelligence estimates Russian troop levels on Ukraine border could reach 175,000
Dec-04 The Nasdaq and the Dow are now trading in a way that was evident just before the internet bubble burst
Dec-04 These 4 states pay unemployment benefits to unvaccinated workers who were fired
Dec-04 Just How Valuable Is Tax-Loss Harvesting?
Dec-04 Bitcoin Price Tumbles After Wall Street Selloff
Dec-04 Thousands flee as Indonesia's Mount Semeru volcano erupts
Dec-04 Iran’s National Currency Falls to Record Low Over Nuclear Deal
Dec-04 Omicron Uncertainty Sends Investor Imaginations to ‘Dark Places’
Dec-04 Is Private Equity Overrated?
Dec-04 Bitcoin Buyers Flock to Investment Clubs to Learn Rules of the Road
Dec-04 The Gift-Tax Benefits of '529' Plans
Dec-04 PBOC Ex-Governor Warns of Protectionism Against Multinationals
Dec-04 CVC Hires Goldman Sachs to Prepare Share Listing, Times Reports
Dec-04 Supply chain issues impacting pharmacies: What to know
Dec-04 Exclusive video shows arrest of Crumbley parents
Dec-04 Vingroup plans U.S. IPO for automaking arm in late 2022
Dec-04 Condé Nast Knows Faded Glory Is Not in Style
Dec-04 Public Displays of Resignation: Saying ‘I Quit’ Loud and Proud
Dec-04 China Economy Will Turn More to Local Market, Former Mayor Says
Dec-04 Vietnam’s EV Maker VinFast Plans U.S. IPO in Second Half of 2022
Dec-04 Turkish Bank Group Says Lenders Should Fund New Model: Report
Dec-04 Sri Lanka Gives Incentives for Remittances Via Official Channels
Dec-04 Yango Group’s Parent Gets One-Year Extension on Bond Payment
Dec-04 King Dollar Brings Some Bright Spots to European Stock Markets
Dec-04 IMF’s Gopinath Warns Variants Could Derail Economic Recovery
Dec-04 US accuses Whole Foods of banning Black Lives Matter masks
Dec-04 Senior China Official Says Biden Democracy Summit Will Be ‘Joke’
Dec-03 Wall St Week Ahead Hawkish Fed boosts value stocks' appeal for some investors
Dec-03 Barron's top three: Fed chair spooks markets with hawkish turn
Dec-03 Millennial homebuyers are boosting the strong housing market: Bary
Dec-03 MTN Group Raises $150.2 Million in Undersubscribed Uganda IPO
Dec-03 Biden jobs claim doesn't tell the whole story: DeAngelis
Dec-03 Biden energy decisions responsible for inflation: Turner
Dec-03 Steve Forbes: Biden vaccine mandate caused turmoil in job market
Dec-03 Biden's policies are responsible for disastrous job report: Obernolte
Dec-03 Parag Agrawal: Why Indian-born CEOs dominate Silicon Valley
Dec-03 After Calling China’s Crackdown, This Fund Is Going Big on Solar
Dec-03 Crypto bull says bitcoin 'best inflation hedge in the world'
Dec-03 Pelosi snaps after question about China
Dec-03 Spanish Soccer Clubs Mull Rejecting CVC Deal, Key Capital Says
Dec-03 MH370: Could missing Malaysian Airlines plane finally be found?
Dec-03 Republicans alarmed after Biden official floats ban on crude oil exports
Dec-03 Biden created a crisis: Stephen Miller
Dec-03 Wall St closes lower on Omicron worries, Fed taper angst
Dec-03 Beijing Olympics loom amid reports of Chinese slave labor
Dec-03 U.S. dollar net longs jump to highest since mid-June 2019 - CFTC, Reuters data
Dec-03 High-Flying Tech Stocks Are Bordering on Correction Territory
Dec-03 TSX posts biggest weekly drop since January on Omicron uncertainty
Dec-03 The markets haven't been healthy: editor
Dec-03 Bets That Fed Hikes May Peter Out Spur Inversions in Eurodollars
Dec-03 Stocks, yields slide after U.S. jobs report as Omicron looms
Dec-03 BP, Qatar Energy CEOs Drop Out of International Oil Conference
Dec-03 Dow ends well off Friday's low, Nasdaq falls 1.8% and all 3 major stock-market indexes post weekly losses in wild week
Dec-03 LIVE MARKETS Wall Street ends sharply lower in volatile week
09:20AM The Geopolitical Game That Could Transform Gas Markets
08:47AM A few comments on the Seasonal Pattern for House Prices
08:45AM Elon Musk Has Now Sold Over $10 Billion In Tesla Stock In Less Than A Month
08:10AM Watch: Paris Police Check Proof Of Vaccination While Diners Eat
07:35AM Shocking Images Show Ash-Covered Ghost Towns On Spain's Canary Islands
07:00AM Top clicks this week on Abnormal Returns
07:00AM Poland's Beef With The EU Exposes The Dangers Of Political Centralization
Dec-04 Now Or Never: The Great 'Transition' Must Be Imposed
Dec-04 Putin Denounces Ukraine's Use Of Turkish Drones In Erdogan Call
Dec-04 US Companies Are "Hostages" To China
Dec-04 Goldman Senior Executives Are Searching For Ways To Quietly Boost Their Own Pay
Dec-04 Shellenberger: The Real Threat To Banks Isn't From Climate Change, It's From Bankers
Dec-04 Another Bitcoin Plunge? Will This One Stick?
Dec-04 Foreign Policy Issues Don't Belong in Expenditure Bills, Not Even Defense Bills
Dec-04 Real Estate Newsletter Articles this Week
Dec-04 Saturday links: efficiency and capacity
Dec-04 Coronavirus links: the case for boosters
Dec-04 Stablecoins…A Major Moment in Money and Finance
Dec-04 Schedule for Week of December 3, 2021
Dec-04 We Move Back To Buy On DocuSign
Dec-03 Huge Bond Flattening Continues, What Does It Mean?
Dec-03 December 3rd COVID-19: Cases, Hospitalizations and Deaths Increasing
Dec-03 How Many Employed People Are Making No Money or Barely Any Money?
Dec-03 Why My Fat Dividend Income Is Better Than Yours
Dec-03 Black Knight: Number of Mortgages in Forbearance "Drops Below the Million Mark"
Dec-03 Friday links: the ultimate arbiter
Dec-03 AAR: November Rail Carloads Down Compared to 2019; Intermodal Up Slightly
Dec-03 Jobs Gains Less Than Half the Consensus But Unemployment Rate Drops Steeply
Dec-03 Podcast links: the new world of work
Dec-03 Comments on November Employment Report
Dec-03 Put Your Cash To Work: 2 Great Dividends To Buy Today
Dec-03 Workhorse: When It Rains, It Pours
Dec-03 From Miami With Love
Dec-03 November Employment Report: 210 thousand Jobs, 4.2% Unemployment Rate
Dec-03 DocuSign: Shares Drop On Weak Q4 Guidance, What You Need To Know
Dec-02 Tracking David Tepper's Appaloosa Management Portfolio - Q3 2021 Update
Dec-02 Friday: Employment Report
Dec-02 December 2nd COVID-19: Hospitalizations Increasing
Dec-02 The Omicron Variant
Dec-02 The Bond Market is Talking and Eurodollars Just Inverted, Are You Listening?
Dec-02 Biden Restarts Trump's Stay in Mexico Program Despite Calling it Dangerous and Inhumane
Dec-02 Democrats and Republicans Agree to Extend Government Funding Through Mid-February
Dec-02 Thursday links: the weighing machine
Dec-02 3 High Growth Stocks To Buy In The Pullback
Dec-02 Exxon Mobil Vs. Chevron Or Both
Dec-02 Longform links: filled channels
Dec-02 2 High Yield Bargains To Load Up Today
Dec-02 ZIM Integrated Shipping: 27% Yield And 50% Upside After Q3 Blowout
Dec-02 Justin Overdorff of Lightspeed Ventures and Stripe on Increasing the GDP of the Internet, and a Macro View of the Fintech Economy
Dec-01 Russell 2000 Rout
Dec-01 Largest Intraday Market Swing in a Year, What's Going On?
Dec-01 ESG links: emissions incentives
Dec-01 Relentless Flattening of the Yield Curve and Powell Accelerated the Move
Dec-01 Wednesday links: the hardest trick in life
Dec-01 Tugging on Fate’s CAPE
Dec-01 Personal finance links: gratitude and generosity
Dec-01 The China Crash and Apple All-Time Highs
Nov-30 Twitter – FIVE CEO’s…Same Business Model
Nov-29 The week starts with weakness for the Russell 2000
Nov-29 Here Comes the “Omicron” Variant
Nov-29 Momentum Monday….Well Hello Mr. $VIX
Nov-28 Was Black Friday Selling Meaningful?
Nov-28 Sunday Reads….The Age of Funcertainty and The Art of Doom and Gloom
Nov-27 Rally Rd …Real Time Trading and The Constitution
Nov-26 The Multicoin Year… and Experts From A World That No Longer Exists
Nov-25 Roy Erez/Roy Rubin of R-Squared Ventures on How they Think about Investing, Networking, and the Future
Nov-24 Russell 2000 attempts to defend 50-day MA
Nov-22 Bearish engulfing patterns strike markets
Nov-22 Jan. 4: Expect an Economic Train Wreck
Nov-21 New Q3 Issue Just Released Today
Nov-20 The Perfect Con Job
Nov-19 The Return of the Golden Constant
Nov-18 Support test in the Russell 2000
Nov-18 The Politics of Obedience
Nov-17 “Your Diatribe Against the Vaccines Is Most Unfortunate”
Nov-16 Nasdaq outperforms Russell 2000 and S&P
Nov-15 Gold Breakout Imminent!
Nov-14 Markets attempt to build a swing low
Nov-13 Revenge of the Real World
Nov-10 Markets work on breakout support tests
Nov-08 Indices take a breather in preparation of breakout support tests.
Oct-11 Taking A Break From Blogging And Social Media
Oct-04 Stages In A Trader's Development
Sep-26 Trading With Clarity
Sep-19 Two Great Questions To Ask During A Trade
Sep-12 A Different Way Of Viewing Your Trading Problems
Sep-06 How We Can Improve Our Access To Intuition
Aug-30 Two Hallmarks Of Quality Trading
Aug-22 Awareness and Acceptance in Trading
Aug-20 New Issue of Quarterly Hedge Fund Newsletter Just Released