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Jul-17 Templeton, BlackRock Say Now's the Time to Buy Emerging Markets
Jul-17 British Minorities' Pay Lags Even as Education Gap Narrows
Jul-17 Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day
Jul-17 Asia Stocks Set to Rise After Fed; Dollar Gains: Markets Wrap
Jul-17 Berkshire Lifts Cap on Stock Buybacks as Buffett Faces Cash Pile
Jul-17 Tesla Bull Tells Elon Musk to Temper His ‘Concerning’ Behavior
Jul-17 Indonesia Exchange Plots Ways to Lure Investors to Combat China
Jul-17 Vietnam Goes on the Defense as China and U.S. Clash Over Trade
Jul-17 Indonesia's Rate Hikes Aren't Helping Its Currency or Coconuts
Jul-17 Cyberattacks on Health-Care Providers Are Up in Recent Months
The Wall Street Journal
Jul-17 Texas Instruments CEO Resigns After Code of Conduct Violations
Jul-17 Manufacturing Sector Hits a Sweet Spot
Jul-17 Without Better Training, U.S. Will Fall Short on Workers, Economists Say
Jul-17 U.S. Dealers See Foreign-Car Cost Rising an Average $5,800 Under Tariffs
Jul-17 UnitedHealth Raises Profit Outlook
Jul-17 Labor Department Removes Rule Forcing Employers to Disclose Anti-Union Talks
Jul-17 Powell Says Fed Should Keep Gradually Raising Interest Rates
Jul-17 Japan, EU Sign Trade Deal: 'We Stand Together Against Protectionism'
Jul-17 GE Still Wrestles With a Big Problem: GE Capital
Jul-17 Papa John's Founder Says Resignation Was a Mistake
CNN Money
Jul-13 Prices are rising faster than they have in six years
Jul-13 Wells Fargo's scandals are hurting its bottom line
Jul-13 How do you rebrand Papa John's when the problem is Papa John?
Jul-13 JPMorgan Chase posts $8.3 billion profit thanks to 'healthy' US consumers
Jul-12 Northrop Grumman's CEO will step down
Jul-12 Papa John's was already losing the pizza wars
Jul-12 MoviePass stock is 19 cents but the boss says everything is fine
Jul-12 Is the binge over for Netflix stock?
Jul-12 Why investors should worry about plunging copper and soybean prices
Jul-12 Nike's digital reboot is working
Jul-17 Japan shares jump as yen bows to strong dollar
Jul-17 Boeing gets $3.9 billion contract for new Air Force One jets
Jul-17 Australia's Fairfax to share print costs with rival News Corp
Jul-17 Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway loosens policy on stock buybacks
Jul-17 CSX profit tops Wall St target on cost cuts, pricing power
Jul-17 Trade war puts the hoof into U.S. pig part exports to China
Jul-17 Netflix shares take hit as subscriber slip hints at 'lumpy' road ahead
Jul-17 Texas Instruments CEO resigns on code of conduct violation
Jul-17 Fed's Powell: Years of strong jobs, low inflation still ahead
Jul-17 Wall St. climbs on Powell comments, earnings
The New York Times
Jul-17 Square Feet: A New Home for a Publisher and Its Priests
Jul-17 The Highs and Lows of Lloyd Blankfein’s Career at Goldman Sachs
Jul-17 Senators Push Fed Chairman for Answers on Slow Wage Growth
Jul-17 When Wives Earn More Than Husbands, Neither Partner Likes to Admit It
Jul-17 Goldman Sachs Names David Solomon C.E.O. as Blankfein Plans Exit
Jul-17 Read Lloyd Blankfein’s Farewell Memo to His Goldman Sachs Team
Jul-17 As Tensions With U.S. Worsen, Europe Courts New Partners
Jul-17 Australian Housing Costs Rival New York’s, but Boom May Be Ending
Jul-16 The New New World: Latest Sign of China’s Slowdown: A Technology Cash Crunch
Jul-16 DealBook: A Surprising Bid for Remington, and an Unsurprising Rejection
Jul-17 Farnborough Airshow: A380's 'best years still to come'
Jul-17 Brexit vote: Government defeats EU customs union bid
Jul-17 UK holidaymakers hit with £1bn of card fees
Jul-17 Farnborough Airshow: Aircraft sales to hit $6.3tn on China trade
Jul-17 Ryanair flights cancelled over strike action
Jul-17 Goldman Sachs names DJ-ing banker David Solomon as boss
Jul-17 Amazon's Jeff Bezos beats Bill Gates in new rich list
Jul-17 EU signs its biggest free trade deal with Japan
Jul-16 Netflix shares plunge as subscriber growth rate stalls
Jun-27 Google hit with record EU fine over Shopping service
Jul-17 Trump Today: Trump Today: President backtracks, now says he accepts Russia meddled in U.S. election
Jul-17 Mark Hulbert: Gold is still dazzling market timers — and that’s bearish
Jul-17 The Margin: One millennial explains how she survives New York on a $25/hour salary (her parents give her money)
Jul-17 NewsWatch: Trump Today: President backtracks, now says he accepts Russia meddled in U.S. election
Jul-17 CryptoWatch: Bitcoin surges 10%, blows through $7,000 level
Jul-17 Rex Nutting: Instead of standing up to Putin, Trump stood by him and sold out America
Jul-17 Investor explains why 'duller' tech stocks can have better returns than 'high-flying' tech names
Jul-17 After-hours buzz: SAH, CSX & more
Jul-17 Goldman Sachs upgraded to outperform by Credit Suisse, shares off lows
Jul-17 These are the leading candidates to be the next president of Goldman as the bank shakes up its ranks
Jul-17 A tech cash crunch is latest sign of trouble for China's economy
Jul-17 EU will reportedly talk with Trump to reduce auto tariffs, GM rises
Jul-17 Investors should watch these two big events in 2018
Jul-17 Roku shares soar after analyst raises streaming video company's price target due to customer growth
Jul-17 After Netflix plunge, Wall Street analysts forecast just tame returns ahead for the once high-flying FANG group
Jul-17 Powell backs more rate hikes as economy growing 'considerably stronger'

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Jul-14 TDI Podcast: Banging Heads with Curzio (#571)
Jul-11 DHUnplugged #415: Gangsta Style
Jul-08 TDI Podcast : A New Twist on Seasonality Charts (#570)
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Market Realist
Jun-06 Delta Air Lines’ Capacity Growth Continued
Jun-06 Week 22: Crude Tanker Index Fell, Stocks Rose
Jun-06 A Sign That the Jobs Market Could Tighten More
Jun-06 The 5 Oilfield Companies with the Highest Net Debt-to-Equity
Jun-06 The US Steel Industry’s Valuation Conundrum amid Tariffs
Jun-06 Ericsson Stock since Its First-Quarter Results
Jun-06 How May Turned Out for the S&P 500: What’s to Come?
Jun-06 Delta Air Lines Had a Strong Stock Price in May
Jun-06 What to Look Forward to in Consumer Stock News This Week
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Jul-14 Longform links: a computational task
Jul-13 Friday links: critical analysis
Jul-13 Podcast links: getting your geek on
Zero Hedge
Jul-17 Senators: Your Smart TV Might Be Spying On You
Jul-17 Republican Rep. Urges America: "Do Not Repeat The Nightmare Of Socialism"
Jul-17 Papa John Accuses PR Firm Of Blackmailing Him For $6 Million; Refused To Work With Kanye Over "N" Word
Jul-17 Pepe Escobar: Russophobia Is A 24/7 Industry
Jul-17 Walmart Considers Streaming Service To Rival Netflix, Amazon
Jul-17 Jim Rickards: Trump-Haters Don't Get The "Art Of The Deal"
Jul-17 Mexican President Gives Himself A 60% Pay Cut
Jul-17 Charting The 'Victory' Of The Deep State
Jul-17 China Plans Launch Of Blackwater-Style Agency For Offshore Security
Jul-17 Why Is Venezuela Still Sending Subsidized Oil To Cuba?
Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis
Jul-17 Bankrupt Chicago Ponders Universal Basic Income, Obama Sings Hallelujah
Jul-17 Brexit Mess Gets Messier: UK Parliament Votes to Stay in EU Medicine Network
Jul-17 Industrial Production Rebounds in June from Revised Lower May
Jul-17 Mass Hysteria
Jul-16 Silly Projections and Analysis of Both Bitcoin and Gold
Jul-16 GDPNow Forecast Surges to 4.5% on Retail Sales, Monthly Treasury Statement
Jul-16 Congratulations to President Trump for an Excellent Summit with Putin
Jul-16 Trade Dispute Erupts in WTO: US Files Against EU, Four Others, China Against US
Jul-16 Retail Sales Surge Continues With Huge Buying Spree
Jul-16 Trump On Path for War With Iran in the "National Interest"
Afraid To Trade
Jan-12 Join Me at the World Money Show Orlando this February
Jan-07 Surprisingly Strong Money Flow to Start 2018
Dec-11 A Sneak Peek at MultiMarket Money Flow for Fed Week
Nov-29 A Euphoric Rally into Collapse Lesson from Square SQ
Nov-29 A Commanding Reversal and Target Update for AutoZone AZO
Nov-29 Bullish Breakouts and Trend Continuity in 2017
Nov-23 Thanksgiving Two Week Trial Member Special
Nov-15 The Stabbing Bull Selloff November 15
Nov-14 Webinar Lessons from 18 Years of Active Trading with Corey this Thursday
Nov-14 A Lesson from the V Spike Intraday Reversal Today Nov 14
10Q Detective
Nov-30 How Secure is Ferrellgas Partners'18-Percent Yield?
Nov-09 Viper Energy Shows How Not to Win Over New Shareholders
May-26 Sell-Side Analysts Avoid the Tough Call on Oasis Petroleum - So What?
Feb-29 Management of Enable Midstream Puts Lipstick On a Pig
Jan-20 Stop the Presses! Benzinga's Got a Hot Story About WPX Energy
Jan-14 The progress U.S. leadership has made in the world
Dec-08 Wall Street Traders Doubt Legacy Reserves' Survival
Nov-14 How Radical Islam Is Destroying the West
Sep-17 More Lies from Magnum Hunter Resources?
Sep-12 Does Magnum Hunter Resources Have a Winning Bid - or Not?
Calculated Risk
Jul-17 Wednesday: Housing Starts, Fed Chair Powell, Beige Book
Jul-17 Lawler: Early Read on Existing Home Sales in June
Jul-17 LA area Port Traffic Increases YoY in June
Jul-17 Greenspan 13 Years Ago: "Froth in housing markets"
Jul-17 NAHB: Builder Confidence Unchanged at 68 in July
Jul-17 Industrial Production Increased 0.6% in June
Jul-16 Tuesday: Fed Chair Powell Testimony, Industrial Production, Homebuilder Confidence
Jul-16 Q2 GDP Forecasts Increased Following Retail Report
Jul-16 Earlier from the NY Fed: Manufacturing "Business activity continued to grow at a fairly brisk pace in New York State"
Jul-16 Retail Sales increased 0.5% in June
The Big Picture
Jul-17 MiB: Financial Follies of Professional Athletes
Jul-17 Bloomberg: Taxpayers Should Never Subsidize Stadiums
Jul-17 10 Tuesday AM Reads
Jul-17 BlackRock’s Larry Fink on Economy, Trade & Markets
Jul-17 Modern financial repression in the euro area crisis: making high public debt sustainable?
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Jul-16 Transcript: DFA’s Dave Butler
Jul-16 How is Your Retirement Savings Going?
Jul-16 10 Monday AM Reads
Jul-16 The Economics of Subsidizing Sports Stadiums
Seeking Alpha
Jul-17 Ooma: Still Not Convinced
Jul-17 Johnson & Johnson Looks Too Cheap
Jul-17 Retirement Guzzlers: Asset Allocation Daily
Jul-17 Mammoth Energy: A Timely And Attractive Entry Point
Jul-17 VOXX International: Bull Case Persists After Another Weak Quarter
Jul-17 Momentum Flashes Warning Signs For Stocks
Jul-17 Tuesday Morning Still Has A Chance
Jul-17 Another Big Win Driving Special Dividends And 9% To 10% Yield
Jul-17 Forget About Trump-Putin, Look At The Dollar-Yuan (Podcast)
Jul-17 Remain Cautiously Optimistic On Helmerich & Payne
market folly
Jul-06 Marc Andreessen's Recommended Reading List 2018
Jun-21 Howard Marks' New Memo: Investing Without People
Jun-18 Julian Robertson Interview: FANG Stocks Not Frothy At All
Jun-13 What We're Reading ~ 6/13/18
Jun-13 Paul Tudor Jones Interview: Sees Rate Jumps & Stock Market Higher Later This Year
Jun-12 PointState Capital Boosts Stake in The Medicines Company
Jun-12 Appaloosa Management & Senator Investment Group Send Letter to Allergan Board
Jun-12 ValueAct Capital Files Form 4 on Seagate Technology (STX)
Jun-12 Baupost Group Sells PBF Energy, FIles 13G on Colony NorthStar
Jun-12 Tiger Global Boosts Sunrun Stake Again
Vantage Point Trading
Jul-16 Trading Tips from Legendary Millionaire Trader Jesse Livermore
Jul-12 Probabilities in Trading – How Your Mind Is Tricking You
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Jul-17 S&P Firms Breakout As Tech Keep The Pressure On
Jul-15 Week Finishes in Tech and Large Caps Favour
Jul-12 Tech Indices Ignore Semiconductor Weakness to Breakout
Jul-11 Markets Stumble As June Highs Challenged
Jul-07 Friday's Gains Deliver Breakout
Jul-04 Trading Ranges Dominant
Jul-02 Monday was to Friday as Friday was to Thursday
Jul-01 Supply Issues Emerge As Bounce Stalls
Jun-28 Markets Defend Moving Averages; Good Buying Opportunitites
Jun-28 Further Selling Hits Markets
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