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Jun-05 Why ‘Get Me Out!’ Stocks Look Attractive to Citi Strategist
Jun-05 Bears Thwarted Again by Stock Market That Believes in Recovery
Jun-05 Avianca May Get ‘Lifesaver’ Aid as Colombia Mulls Equity Stakes
Jun-05 Dunkin’ Could Get a Boost With Donut Day Driving Traffic
Jun-05 J.C. Penney Jumps on Report It’s in Early Talks With Sycamore
Jun-05 Boeing Heads for $35 Billion Weekly Gain in Airline Rally’s Wake
Jun-05 Ohio Considers Muni Bonds to Bolster Unemployment Trust Fund
Jun-05 Bearishness Just Won’t Play in Market That Believes in Recovery
Jun-05 Asana Billionaire Founder Is Said to Do Debt Deal Before Listing
Jun-05 Virus Chaos at U.S. Plants Lets Argentina Back In the Beef Game
Jun-05 Trump touts job gains as 'greatest comeback in American history'
Jun-05 Tech drives Nasdaq to all-time high as signs of recovery emerge from coronavirus pandemic
Jun-05 Reddit co-founder Ohanian resigns from board, wants a black candidate to take over
Jun-05 Exclusive: Buyout firm Sycamore Partners in talks to buy J.C. Penney - sources
Jun-05 Surprise U.S. unemployment rate drop leaves out blacks, Asians
Jun-05 Wall Street rallies to end higher on surprise U.S. jobs report
Jun-05 May's jobs report stunner: real deal or head fake?
Jun-05 Equities surge, bonds tumble on surprise U.S. jobs gains
Jun-05 Trump opens Atlantic sanctuary to commercial fishing
Jun-05 U.S. labor market unexpectedly improves; recovery years away
Jun-05 George Floyd: Reddit co-founder quits board and asks for black replacement
Jun-05 Elon Musk calls for 'break up' of Amazon
Jun-05 Coronavirus: BA threatens legal action over quarantine plans
Jun-05 US unemployment sees surprise improvement in May
Jun-05 Victoria's Secret UK arm goes into administration
Jun-05 Coronavirus: Government under fire for cheap loans to big firms
Jun-05 Bombardier to cut 2,500 jobs worldwide
Jun-04 Retailer Gap posts near-£1bn loss due to coronavirus
Jun-04 Coronavirus vaccine: AstraZeneca boosts potential supply to 2bn
Jun-04 Eurozone in fresh emergency action to boost economy
Jun-05 Investors Sell Safe Bets
Jun-05 Court Overturns SEC Decision to Reject Fee Increases for Exchanges' Data Feeds
Jun-05 What Happens When CEOs and Stock Analysts Share a First Name
Jun-05 This App Should Clean Up
Jun-05 America's Employment Crisis Has Turned the Corner
Jun-05 Stocks Are Rallying Despite Nationwide Protests. That's Typical.
Jun-05 Investors Climb Back Into Riskiest Emerging-Market Bonds
Jun-05 Gap Needs to Come Up With a Better Story
Jun-05 Stocks Surge on Surprisingly Upbeat Jobs Report
Jun-05 Lufthansa, Other Firms Burnt by Pandemic to Exit Blue-Chip Indexes
Jun-05 Here's what happened to the stock market on Friday
Jun-05 The coronavirus pandemic has created a new job: temperature taker
Jun-05 Here's why the real unemployment rate may be higher than reported
Jun-05 Here's what the unemployment rate actually means and why it's so important
Jun-05 Blowout jobs report shows 'big hedge fund guys' got it wrong and the market was right, says Cramer
Jun-05 The stock market could crater again. Here's why investors shouldn't worry
Jun-05 Stock market live updates: Futures up again, big gains for week, jobs report looms
Jun-05 Stocks making the biggest moves in the premarket: Slack, Gap, RH, Broadcom, Uber & more
Jun-05 Unlike during past economic downturns, Americans have money in their pockets this time
Jun-04 Stocks making the biggest moves after hours: Slack, Gap, RH and more
The New York Times
Jun-05 Selling Toilet Paper and Paper Towels During the Pandemic
Jun-05 What to Make of the Rebound in the U.S. Jobs Report
Jun-05 Jimmy Kimmel Does What He Can to Help Disney Attract Advertisers
Jun-05 The Complex Debate Over Silicon Valley’s Embrace of Content Moderation
Jun-05 How a Tax Benefit for Developers Could Backfire in the Pandemic
Jun-05 Brooks Bros., ‘Made in America’ Since 1818, May Soon Need a New Calling Card
Jun-05 Tenants’ Troubles Put Stress on Commercial Real Estate
Jun-05 Did Mom Take Her Medicine? Keeping Eyes on Elders in Quarantine
Jun-05 What to Expect from the May Jobs Report: Live Updates
Jun-04 For Some Minority-Owned Businesses, Their Lenders Are Now Their Defenders
Jun-05 How the U.S. dollar’s ‘almost silent slide’ is juicing the stock-market rally
Jun-05 American Airlines stock adds to its tally of records with a weekly gain of over 75%
Jun-05 Dow ends over 800 points higher after May jobs surprise
Jun-05 U.S. consumer credit plummets in April as credit-card use tumbles by record amount
Jun-05 Oil futures rally on signs of economic recovery and bets that OPEC+ will extend output cuts
Jun-05 Chesapeake Energy's stock rockets as oil prices surge, and have more than doubled in 3 weeks
Jun-05 Shift4Payments' stock blasts off in its public debut
Jun-05 Genius Brands announces important hires for Kartoon Channel!, stock extends pullback
Jun-05 Minneapolis-based U.S. Bancorp to spend over $115 million to address 'economic and racial inequities'
Jun-05 Apple stock heads for new record close
Fox Business
Jun-05 'No question' US will have good economy in 2021: Market strategist
Jun-05 How the stock market has reacted to periods of civil unrest
Jun-05 Oil prices spike as OPEC+ nears output cut extension, job market rallies
Jun-05 June jobs data should be able to keep positive trend line: Former Labor Department chief of staff
Jun-05 US, UK have golden opportunity to strengthen special relationship, stand strong against China: Sen. Rick Scott
Jun-05 Stocks soar after job market's surprise bonanza
Jun-05 Bargain-conscious shoppers lift used-car sales in the coronavirus economy
Jun-05 A conclave of America’s top CEOs talks race and making change
Jun-05 OPEC+ to meet Saturday on extending cuts, pushing for compliance
Jun-05 New Zealand military buys 5 Lockheed Hercules planes for $1B
Jun-05 Minneapolis city council approves restraining order against police
Jun-05 2 officers suspended after video shows 75-year-old man pushed to ground during protest
Jun-05 Covid-19 hospitalizations nearly double across New York City
Jun-05 Fox asked Trump about police violence. Here's what he said.
Jun-04 Republican senator holds up anti-lynching bill. See Harris and Booker's response.
Jun-01 See what Rio de Janeiro's world-famous beach looks like now

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Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis
Jun-05 Decline in Mortgage Forbearance Plans But Payments Drop Too
Jun-05 Surprise: The BLS Admits Another Phony Jobs Report
Jun-04 Retired Marine General Latest to Admonish Trump
Jun-04 Expect Covid-19 to Return in the Fall in a Big Way
Jun-04 Continued Unemployment Claims Rise to 21.5 Million
Jun-03 Trump is a Threat to the Constitution
Jun-03 Are You Overpaying for Stocks?
Jun-03 If Obama Said What Trump Just Did, Would You Support It?
Jun-03 Bad Economic Reports? Yes, But They Were Supposed to Be Bad
Jun-03 Something Changed for the Better: Trump's Bubble Just Shattered
Daily Reckoning
Jun-04 Rise up, America!
Jun-03 The Great Disconnect Between America and the Market
Jun-02 Why Gold?
Jun-02 You May Never See “Normal” Again
Jun-01 Anarchy!
May-30 “Burn, Baby, Burn!”
May-28 Get Ready: More “Stimulus” Coming
May-27 Jamie Dimon’s Big Admission
May-25 Requiesce in Pace
May-22 Hong Kong Headed for Crisis Again
The Disciplined Investor
Jun-03 DHUnplugged #508: The Casino Is Open
May-30 TDI Podcast: The Fast Pitch with Curzio (#664)
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May-24 TDI Podcast: Monkeys in Suits (#663)
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May-19 H&C – After Hours Q&A Popup Webinar (5/18/20)
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Market Realist
Jun-05 U.S. Steel: Past Success, Current Scenario, and Uncertain Future
Jun-05 Cannabis Market Has Good Potential in Illinois
Jun-05 Will GM’s Electric Van Be Its ‘Tesla Model 3’ Moment?
Jun-05 Will Anti-China Rhetoric Drive Chinese Buyers to NIO from Tesla?
Jun-05 How’s COVID-19 Impacting Cigarette and Cannabis Sales?
Jun-05 DocuSign Posts Upbeat Q1 Results, Strong Outlook
Jun-05 Why Does Paradigm Capital Favor OrganiGram Holdings?
Jun-05 Amazon Stock Is Irresistible, Wins Prominent Critic
Jun-05 Marijuana Legalization Attempts in New York amid Protests
Jun-05 Will Novavax Win the COVID-19 Vaccine Race?
Zero Hedge
Jun-05 NYT Editor Admits Paper Pitched Op-Ed To Tom Cotton!
Jun-05 Schiff: A Soaring Stock Market Is Not A Sell Signal For Gold
Jun-05 Global Instability, Soaring Deficits And Civil Disobedience: Are We Back In The 1960s, And What Happens Next?
Jun-05 Rasmussen: Black Approval For Trump Surges To Over 40%
Jun-05 BULLSH*T!: Buffalo Police Defend Officers Suspended For Shoving Elderly Protester; Entire Response Team Resigns
Jun-05 In Rare Statement, Soros Denies Paying Protesters To Riot
Jun-05 Shots Fired On Turkish Police Boat From Greek Border As Athens 'Readies' Military Options
Jun-05 Stocks Soar To Record Highs Amid Bond Bloodbath, Momentum Massacre
Jun-05 US Consumer Credit Crashes As Americans Repay A Record Amount Of Credit Card Debt
Jun-05 "I'm The World's Greatest Day Trader": Barstool's Dave Portnoy Epitomizes Retail's Takeover Of Rigged Markets
Howard Lindzon
Jun-05 Lean Into The Silliness…$JETS and $BETZ
Jun-04 What.A.Rally.
Jun-03 ‘If You Had Told Me’ … and Fashology Takes Flight
Jun-02 Panic With Friends – Jenny Lefcourt of Freestyle VC Joins Me To Talk Entrepreneurship and Investing
Jun-01 Momentum Monday – Rioting, Looting and Froth
May-31 Scott Belsky (Chief Product Officer of Adobe) Joins Me On ‘Panic With Friends’
May-30 Software is Eating The World but Weed and Wagering Will Feed It…And Shoulda Coulda Part 2
May-29 Coronado Life …And Paige Craig Joins Me Om ‘Panic With Friends’
May-28 The Shoulda Coulda’s…
May-26 Welcoming Ross Hoffman – Venture Partner at Social Leverage
Vantage Point Trading
Jun-05 An Outlook of the FX Market During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Jun-05 Massive Fiscal Stimulus from Germany Takes Markets by Surprise
Jun-04 Eurozone PMI Services Index Rises in May
Jun-04 Bank of Canada and the Recent Monetary Policy Decision
Jun-03 European Stocks Make a Strong Comeback
Jun-03 SP500 – Long-Term Positioning or Excessive Speculation?
Jun-02 Interpreting the RBA Cash Rate Decision
Jun-02 Modest Recovery for the Eurozone Manufacturing PMI in May
Abnormal Returns
Jun-05 Friday links: uncertainty always rules
Jun-05 Podcast links: escaping the record companies
Jun-04 Thursday links: reacting to new situations
Jun-04 Startup links: huge ideas
Jun-03 Wednesday links: weird psychology
Jun-03 Personal finance links: an important money lesson
Jun-03 ESG links: a single global standard
Jun-02 Tuesday links: two standard deviations
Jun-02 Research links: revealed preferences
Jun-01 Monday links: choosing optimism
Seeking Alpha
Jun-04 Annaly Capital's BV, Dividend, And Valuation Vs. 17 mREIT Peers - Part 1 (Post Q1 2020 Earnings - Very Attractive Valuation)
Jun-04 A Recession Resistant REIT Portfolio For The Overvalued Market
Jun-04 May The Farce Be With You
Jun-04 Reality Check: The Mall REIT Apocalypse Is Really Here
Jun-04 Be Warned: Market Momentum Is Fading
Jun-03 Penn National Gaming: 100%+ Upside Over 3-5 Years Driven By Barstool Sports Acquisition
Jun-03 BP Cheap On A Reserve Basis And Has Reflexivity In An Oil Recovery
Jun-02 Buy And Hold Vs. Rotational Strategy: May 2020 Update
Jun-02 LendingClub: Signs Of Desperation
Jun-02 REIT Preferreds: Higher-Yield Without Excess Risk
market folly
May-20 What Hedge Funds Bought & Sold in the Volatility: New Q1 Issue Just Released
Feb-20 New Hedge Fund Newsletter Just Released
Dec-09 Notes From Sohn London Investment Conference 2019
Dec-09 Brian Baldwin (Trian) Long Ferguson: Sohn London Conference
Dec-09 James Hanbury (Odey) Long Plus500: Sohn London Conference
Dec-09 Jason Ader Long Playtec: Sohn London Conference
Dec-09 Catherine Berjal Long Accor: Sohn London Conference
Dec-09 Per Johansson Short Koenig and Bauer, Long LivaNova: Sohn London Conference
Dec-09 Måns Larsson Short ICA Gruppen: Sohn London Conference
Dec-09 Tamas Eisenberger Long Star Bulk Carriers & Scorpio Tankers: Sohn London Conference
Fallond Stock Picks
Jun-04 Markets poised for new round of breakouts
Jun-02 Markets Ignore Social Disorder
May-31 Strong finish on Friday for S&P and Nasdaq as Russell 2000 struggles.
May-27 Percentage of Nasdaq Stocks Above 50-day MA gets near 90%
May-24 Nasdaq waits for other indices to follow its lead
May-20 Markets Reach Decision Point
May-18 Buyers push gains as challenges remain
May-17 Buyers can't reverse week's losses
May-14 Indices fail in their first Advance - A Second is in the Making
May-11 Nasdaq adds to breakout on light volume
Calculated Risk
Jun-05 Will State and Local Governments Hire 1 Million Teachers in June and July? No, but ...
Jun-05 AAR: May Rail Carloads down 27.7% YoY, Intermodal Down 13.0% YoY
Jun-05 Tuesday June 9th: June 2020 Market & Economic Update
Jun-05 Comments on May Employment Report
Jun-05 May Employment Report: 2,500,000 Jobs Added, 13.3% Unemployment Rate
Jun-05 Black Knight: Number of Homeowners in COVID-19-Related Forbearance Plans Declines Slightly
Jun-04 Friday: Employment Report
Jun-04 Goldman May Payrolls Review
Jun-04 June 4 COVID-19 Test Results, Eighth Consecutive Day with Over 400,000 Tests
Jun-04 Hotels: Occupancy Rate Declined 43.2% Year-over-year, Seventh Consecutive Week of Higher Demand