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01:36AM Asia shares up as North Korea tensions ease, wary Fed pressures dollar
01:10AM A Chinese Video Game Rakes In Cash — and Draws Young Rule Breakers
12:05AM GMO's James Montier Picks Emerging Markets in World Starved of Value
12:01AM An Eclipse Is Just What the U.S. Power Sector's Been Waiting For
12:01AM Qatar's Growth Prospects Dim as Saudi-Led Boycott Takes Its Toll
12:01AM Africa's Richest Man to Invest Up to $50 Billion in U.S., Europe
12:01AM U.K. Shoppers Ramp Up the Penny Pinching to Beat Price Jump
12:00AM Trump’s Tariffs Would Kill These American Jobs
12:00AM Love of Stocks Returns for Poles as IPOs Spur Retail-Trade Jump
12:00AM Hunt On for a Billion Kronor About to Be Worthless in Sweden
Aug-16 Hong Kong Activist Joshua Wong Braces for Prison Sentence
Aug-16 Key Words: Steve Bannon: ‘We’re at economic war with China,’ there’s no North Korea solution
Aug-16 China Shows How Not to Sell $11.7 Billion in Shares
Aug-16 HBO social accounts hacked in latest cyber security breach
Aug-16 World's Biggest Money-Market Fund to Get Even Bigger, Fitch Says
Aug-16 Asia Markets: Asian stocks broadly bounce higher on tech gains
Aug-16 Uber Hires Ex-Goldman Banker to Fire Up Its Asian Business
Aug-16 This city has the best quality of life in the world (hint: it’s not in the U.S.)
Aug-16 Millennials are financing everything from bed sheets to concert tickets
Aug-16 One major way U.S. credit card debt is getting worse
Aug-16 Raising the minimum wage leads to these workers being replaced by robots
Aug-16 After Costco is accused of selling fake Tiffany rings, how to spot a fake diamond
Aug-16 Ryanair backs two-drink limit at airports: Why unruly passengers are out of control
Aug-16 Here are all the companies stopping white supremacist groups from making money
Aug-16 Economic Growth in the Philippines Exceeds 6% for Eighth Quarter
Aug-16 Cathay Pacific Rallies Amid Upgrades on Optimism Worst Is Behind
Aug-16 Tencent Shares Jump After Posting Record Quarterly Sales, Profit
Aug-16 Australian Employment Rises Faster Than Forecast in July
Aug-16 Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway will not increase its Oncor offer
Aug-16 Tencent Shares Jump 5.3% After Posting Best Revenue Growth in Seven Years
Aug-16 After Trump Hedges His Condemnation of Hate, C.E.O.s Organize a Mass Defection
Aug-16 Walmart’s C.E.O. Had Plenty to Say About Trump. So Did His Customers.
Aug-16 Facebook Shut Down Employee Chat Room Over Harassing Messages
Aug-16 Alibaba, Tencent Lead China's Rise in Global Digital Ad
Aug-16 Global Economy Looks Set for a Year of Faster, Firmer Growth
Aug-16 Slim's America Movil wins telecom battle in top Mexico court
Aug-16 Key Words: Cloudflare CEO drops neo-Nazi site, then explains why that was dangerous
Aug-16 Japan Reports Second Monthly Trade Surplus as Exports Rise Again
Aug-16 U.S. talks tough on trade deficit as NAFTA discussions begin
Aug-16 Former Bank of America IT guy allegedly shared deal tips from bank's computer system
Aug-16 Barcelona Tourists Hit by Eggs as Protests Mount Over Crowds
Aug-16 The Unusual Law Imperiling Australian Politicians
Aug-16 Union Pacific to layoff 750 U.S. employees amid broader cost-cutting
Aug-16 Cisco's security business revenue misses estimates, shares drop
Aug-16 After-hours buzz: LB, CSCO, SNPS & more
Aug-16 US calls for 'major' Nafta overhaul
Aug-16 Fed Supports Bonds, Dollar Weakens on Inflation: Markets Wrap
Aug-16 Black Banker Sues Goldman Sachs for Racial Discrimination
Aug-16 Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day
Aug-16 Gas supplies in UK shale rocks 'hyped'
Aug-16 Russians May Suddenly Have It Too Good for Central Bank's Taste
Aug-16 Seven charged in U.S. insider trading ring
Aug-16 SoftBank Ex-President Says Uber's Incoming CEO Must Fix Culture
Aug-16 Fed Starts to Wonder If Cornerstone Inflation Model Still Works
Aug-16 Victoria's Secret Owner Plunges After Delivering Weak Forecast
Aug-16 Backlash over Trump comments a 'nightmare' for Gary Cohn, says former Obama advisor
Aug-16 NAFTA renegotiation could affect supply chains, raise costs—or end the deal entirely
Aug-16 Profit Worries Show Peril Embedded in Indian Equity Surge: Chart
Aug-16 Philippine Economy Will Continue Strong Growth: Finance Minister
Aug-16 The Yuan Is Hong Kong's New Darling as Investors Chase Higher Yields
Aug-16 Old-School Stocks Lifted Returns at This Japanese Hedge Fund
Aug-16 China's Menswear Maker Swaps Stitching for Lithium Batteries
Aug-16 A Blast From the Past Inside Japan's Retro Gaming Shops
Aug-16 Fed, split by inflation, should forge on with rate hikes: Mester
Aug-16 Trump Advisory Forum Could No Longer Serve Purpose, IBM CEO Says
Aug-16 Fed leader: We're halfway there on interest rate hikes
Aug-16 Fed policymakers grow more worried about weak inflation
Aug-16 Stunning rebuke for the CEO president
Aug-16 Amazon obsession: E-commerce invader was fretted about on 15% of S&P 500 earnings calls
Aug-16 Conflicting Views Mark Opening of Talks to Remake Nafta
Aug-16 The China Dealmaker's New Clothes
Aug-16 Casino Giants Look for Clarity in Japan as Public Debate Begins
Aug-16 Bitcoin Bond Debuted by Japan's Fisco
Aug-16 Carlos Slim Gets Bittersweet Court Win, With Damage Already Done
Aug-16 Builders Tap Brakes on Construction of U.S. Apartments
Aug-16 Builders Pull Back on Home Construction Despite Strong Demand
Aug-16 Fed Officials Confront New Reality: Low Inflation and Low Unemployment
Aug-16 ADP Fight Likened by Ackman to His CP Rail Victory
Aug-16 With a New Smartphone, Nokia-Maker Takes on Apple and Samsung
Aug-16 UBS's Caprio Joins Chorus of Alarm Over U.S. Credit Markets
Aug-16 Dollar Dips as Some See Fed Inflation Debate as Dovish
Aug-16 J&J's First California Talc-Powder Trial Is Headed to the Jury
Aug-16 Discover Ends Dealings With 'Hate Groups' After Charlottesville
Aug-16 Alibaba Is Closing In on Amazon's Market Capitalization: Chart
Aug-16 Fed minutes: Central bank split over path of rate hikes
Aug-16 China’s Online Giants Back $12 Billion Deal to Shake Up State Firm
Aug-16 Fed Officials Split Over Timing of Next Rate Increase
Aug-16 Fed members say they are not worried about stock market surge
Aug-16 Inside the Fed’s July Meeting: The Annotated Minutes
Aug-16 Consumers Strain to Prop Up Recovery
Aug-16 The Costs Of Ignoring Russia
Aug-16 Which College Offers The "Best Bang" For Your Tuition Buck?
Aug-16 Korean War Part II: Why It's Probably Going To Happen
Aug-16 Study Finds Higher Min. Wages Bring Crushing Job Losses For Female And Minority Workers
Aug-16 Recession Could Be Closer Than Most Realize
Aug-16 Two Prominent Elites Telegraph Recession?
Aug-16 "No One Gave Peace A Chance, Including The Police" - John Whitehead Warns "We're Walking A Dangerous Road"
Aug-16 Gov. Cuomo Wants To Remove Names Of Confederate Generals From New York Streets
Aug-16 Pastor Wants Names Of "Slave Owner" Presidents Removed From Chicago Parks
Aug-16 "The Maduro Diet" - Venezuelans Suffer Drastic Weight Loss As Hunger Crisis Strikes
Aug-16 Absurd Inflation Discussion by Fed Jackasses
Aug-16 Bannon Breaks Silence: Slams "Far-Right Clowns", Vows "Economic War With China"
Aug-16 FBI 'Reopens' FOIA Case On Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting After Getting Caught In Lie
Aug-16 Thursday: Unemployment Claims, Industrial Production, Philly Fed Mfg
Aug-16 Spotify and Airpods …Happiness
Aug-16 Do Energy Transfer Equity’s Technical Indicators Hint at a Price Rise?
Aug-16 Euronav Gives the Ups and Downs of the Crude Tanker Industry Today
Aug-16 Could the Oil Rig Count Threaten Bullish Bets on Oil Prices?
Aug-16 Factors Impacting Crude Oil: China, Rig Count, and Spreads
Aug-16 Stock Reactions: All Beats, No Misses for Senior Gold Miners in 2Q17
Aug-16 2Q17 Results: Encana Reported Highest Profit since 2014
Aug-16 A Look at Sanofi’s Post-2Q17 Valuation
Aug-16 How Market Reacted to Energy Transfer Partners’ Secondary Offering
Aug-16 Inside Euronav’s 2Q17 Results
Aug-16 Signs That Investors May Be Shying Away From Indiscriminate Risk
Aug-16 The Secret Smartphone Blueprint
Aug-16 How Senior Gold Miners’ Year-to-Date Performance Stacks Up
Aug-16 NY Fed: "Household Borrowing Grows Modestly; Credit Card Delinquencies Rise"
Aug-16 FOMC Minutes: Balance Sheet Normalization "Relatively soon"
Aug-16 A Journey To The New Heart Of Urbanization In China
Aug-16 Run for the hills! Its Record High Household Borrowing (again)
Aug-16 Wednesday links: hitting home runs
Aug-16 Heritage Nola Bancorp Is A Recent Mutual Conversion At 86% Of Book With Excess Capital
Aug-16 Did Millennials Kill the Housing Market?
Aug-16 Housing Starts Unexpectedly Sink, Multi-Family in Huge 34% Retreat Year-Over-Year
Aug-16 Energy XLE Downtrends to New Low
Aug-16 Aggressive Bottom Fishing in SnapChat SNAP
Aug-16 Let's Get This Crash Over With Already: Financial Advisors' Daily Digest
Aug-16 Personal finance links: idiotic trades
Aug-16 Comments on July Housing Starts
Aug-16 Why Elites Are Winning the War on Cash
Aug-16 War on Cash: A “Wider Cultural Change Agenda”
Aug-16 Realty Income Is A Cash Ma-Ching
Aug-16 Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit 2017:Q2
Aug-16 Housing Starts decreased to 1.155 Million Annual Rate in July
Aug-16 A Correction Is Already Under Way
Aug-16 What's Wrong With Silver?
Aug-16 Royalty Company Anglo Pacific - Bram de Haas' Idea Of The Month
Aug-16 10 Wednesday AM Reads
Aug-16 MBA: Mortgage Applications Increase Slightly in Latest Weekly Survey
Aug-16 Here's A Data Center REIT You Can Still Buy
Aug-16 VICE: Charlottesville: Race and Terror
Aug-16 POSCO: After Domestic Steel Rally, It Pays To Go International
Aug-16 India Bans Gold Exports “Without a Valid Reason”
Aug-16 The Good News on Wage Growth
Aug-16 DHUnplugged #371: Do Trees Grow to The Sky ?
Aug-15 Charts as Facts…and Punch a Banker Hug A Technician
Aug-15 Catching Volatility Explosions 10x Trade Formula Webinar Thursday
Aug-15 The ‘Great American Eclipse’
Aug-15 Wednesday: Housing Starts, FOMC Minutes
Aug-15 Time to Short?
Aug-15 5 Charts that Prove this Market Bubble is Not Slowing Down
Aug-15 The First “Crypto-Quake” Just Hit
Aug-15 Serious Credit Card Delinquencies Rise for the Third Straight Quarter: Trend Not Seen Since 2009
Aug-15 Export Prices Rise, Led by Agriculture, Finished Goods Flat; Import Prices Barely Move
Aug-15 Tuesday links: Bitcoin capitalization
Aug-15 MiB: Matt Wallaert wants to be your Chief Behavioral Officer
Aug-15 Earlier for the NY Fed: Manufacturing Activity "grew strongly" in August
Aug-15 Retail Sales Bounce: Upward Revisions Explain Strength in 2nd Quarter GDP
Aug-15 Research links: risk management processes
Aug-15 NAHB: Builder Confidence increased to 68 in August
Aug-15 “Rock Bottom Retail” Flashes a New Buy Signal
Aug-15 Our August 15 Bouncing Emini Fibonacci Grid Update
Aug-15 U.S-China Trade Wars and the Gold Boom
Aug-15 Household Debt: A Note on Partial Scores
Aug-15 Retail Sales increased 0.6% in July
Aug-15 Day Trading Stock Picks for Week of August 15
Aug-15 10 Tuesday AM Reads
Aug-15 Countering Violent Extremism: Actions Needed to Define Strategy and Assess Progress of Federal Efforts
Aug-15 Momentum Monday…FFFFFINTECH
Aug-14 Consumer Spending Expectations Down Again: Dear Fed, Why Don’t You Believe Your Own Survey?
Aug-14 NY Fed President Wants Consumers to Tap Home Equity: Didn’t We Try That Before?
Aug-14 Monday links: big, important and messy
Aug-14 ETF links: volume shrinkage
Aug-14 Robot Caused Anxiety: Blame the Robots, Even for the Election
Aug-14 This Week: Looking Back and Ahead
Aug-14 Money Laundering Scandal at Australia’s Largest Bank Triggers Another Call for Ban of Cash
Aug-13 Weekly Market Recap Aug 13, 2017
Aug-13 Summer of Howie Coming to an End …
Aug-13 Shorts Take Profits - Bounce Opportunities Available.