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NXTT - Next Technology Holding Inc. - Stock Price Chart
CompanyNext Technology Holding Inc.
IndustrySoftware - Application
Market Cap6.76MEPS (ttm)10.63
P/E0.24EPS this Y-
Forward P/E-EPS next Y-
PEG-EPS past 5Y-122.12%
P/S2.57EPS next 5Y-
P/B0.10EPS Q/Q1070.06%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-100.00%
Insider Own46.06%Inst Own1.25%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans-
Short Float0.33%Earnings-
Analyst Recom-Target Price-
Avg Volume44.73K52W Range2.11 - 14.34
BBLG - Bone Biologics Corp - Stock Price Chart
CompanyBone Biologics Corp
IndustryMedical Devices
Market Cap1.02MEPS (ttm)-22.63
P/E-EPS this Y84.36%
Forward P/E-EPS next Y9.02%
PEG-EPS past 5Y42.24%
P/S-EPS next 5Y-
P/B0.53EPS Q/Q97.63%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-
Insider Own3.81%Inst Own7.91%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans-64.30%
Short Float0.16%EarningsMay 29
Analyst Recom1.00Target Price19.50
Avg Volume212.34K52W Range1.00 - 12.24
CREV - Carbon Revolution Public Ltd. Co. - Stock Price Chart
CompanyCarbon Revolution Public Ltd. Co.
IndustryAuto Parts
Market Cap11.94MEPS (ttm)0.02
P/E302.39EPS this Y-
Forward P/E-EPS next Y-
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S-EPS next 5Y-
P/B1.25EPS Q/Q-80.46%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-
Insider Own7.11%Inst Own1.91%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans-
Short Float0.21%EarningsMay 29
Analyst Recom1.00Target Price39.00
Avg Volume4.18K52W Range6.00 - 197.99
TIRX - Tian Ruixiang Holdings Ltd - Stock Price Chart
CompanyTian Ruixiang Holdings Ltd
IndustryInsurance Brokers
Market Cap1.24MEPS (ttm)-3.83
P/E-EPS this Y-
Forward P/E-EPS next Y-
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S1.00EPS next 5Y-
P/B0.04EPS Q/Q37.42%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q27.84%
Insider Own54.41%Inst Own0.68%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans-
Short Float8.23%Earnings-
Analyst Recom-Target Price-
Avg Volume387.45K52W Range1.91 - 10.70
DRMA - Dermata Therapeutics Inc - Stock Price Chart
CompanyDermata Therapeutics Inc
Market Cap1.84MEPS (ttm)-32.72
P/E-EPS this Y59.63%
Forward P/E-EPS next Y71.49%
PEG-EPS past 5Y26.37%
P/S-EPS next 5Y-
P/B0.31EPS Q/Q79.29%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-
Insider Own6.04%Inst Own0.73%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans-98.32%
Short Float3.36%EarningsMay 15/a
Analyst Recom1.00Target Price10.00
Avg Volume87.18K52W Range1.29 - 23.70
NUZE - Nuzee Inc - Stock Price Chart
CompanyNuzee Inc
IndustryPackaged Foods
Market Cap8.01MEPS (ttm)-9.07
P/E-EPS this Y-
Forward P/E-EPS next Y-
PEG-EPS past 5Y-3.14%
P/S2.36EPS next 5Y-
P/B-EPS Q/Q54.40%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-22.45%
Insider Own57.10%Inst Own6.17%
Insider Trans331.25%Inst Trans-
Short Float1.87%EarningsJan 17/b
Analyst Recom1.00Target Price8.00
Avg Volume596.49K52W Range1.01 - 12.39
RGC - Regencell Bioscience Holdings Ltd - Stock Price Chart
TickerRGC [NASD]
CompanyRegencell Bioscience Holdings Ltd
CountryHong Kong
IndustryDrug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
Market Cap175.63MEPS (ttm)-0.36
P/E-EPS this Y-
Forward P/E-EPS next Y-
PEG-EPS past 5Y-95.48%
P/S-EPS next 5Y-
P/B17.29EPS Q/Q35.97%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-
Insider Own7.60%Inst Own0.01%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans-
Short Float0.01%Earnings-
Analyst Recom-Target Price-
Avg Volume32.61K52W Range3.03 - 32.44
QXO - QXO Inc. - Stock Price Chart
TickerQXO [NASD]
CompanyQXO Inc.
IndustrySoftware - Application
Market Cap81.81MEPS (ttm)-1.85
P/E-EPS this Y-
Forward P/E-EPS next Y-
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S1.47EPS next 5Y-
P/B10.82EPS Q/Q-50.79%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q9.96%
Insider Own0.45%Inst Own18.93%
Insider Trans-98.84%Inst Trans361.44%
Short Float12.78%Earnings-
Analyst Recom1.00Target Price5.00
Avg Volume25.65K52W Range19.93 - 290.00
BHC - Bausch Health Companies Inc - Stock Price Chart
TickerBHC [NYSE]
CompanyBausch Health Companies Inc
IndustryDrug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
Market Cap2.13BEPS (ttm)-1.24
P/E-EPS this Y3.38%
Forward P/E1.39EPS next Y16.08%
PEG-EPS past 5Y32.76%
P/S0.24EPS next 5Y2.60%
P/B-EPS Q/Q68.46%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q10.75%
Insider Own2.57%Inst Own79.27%
Insider Trans-0.07%Inst Trans18.56%
Short Float5.16%EarningsMay 02/b
Analyst Recom2.88Target Price9.29
Avg Volume2.79M52W Range6.05 - 11.46
WORX - SCWorx Corp - Stock Price Chart
CompanySCWorx Corp
IndustryHealth Information Services
Market Cap1.94MEPS (ttm)-1.69
P/E-EPS this Y-
Forward P/E-EPS next Y-
PEG-EPS past 5Y62.68%
P/S0.49EPS next 5Y-
P/B0.31EPS Q/Q-53.45%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-8.19%
Insider Own6.28%Inst Own2.71%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans-35.91%
Short Float1.54%Earnings-
Analyst Recom-Target Price-
Avg Volume96.74K52W Range1.13 - 6.82