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HZO - Marinemax, Inc. - Stock Price Chart
CompanyMarinemax, Inc.
IndustrySpecialty Retail
Market Cap734.56MEPS (ttm)2.76
P/E11.95EPS this Y-55.15%
Forward P/E10.25EPS next Y37.49%
PEG0.40EPS past 5Y23.34%
P/S0.30EPS next 5Y30.00%
P/B0.79EPS Q/Q-94.87%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q2.20%
Insider Own11.87%Inst Own87.06%
Insider Trans-0.62%Inst Trans-4.98%
Short Float10.92%EarningsJul 25/b
Analyst Recom1.67Target Price35.29
Avg Volume341.52K52W Range22.51 - 42.88
MarineMax, Inc. engages in the provision of boating-related activities. It operates through the Retail Operations and Product Manufacturing segments. The Retail Operations segment includes the sale of new and used recreational boats, pleasure, fishing boats, with a focus on premium brands. The Product Manufacturing segment involves the activity of Cruisers Yachts and Intrepid Powerboats subsidiaries. The company was founded in January 1998 and is headquartered in Clearwater, FL.
Insider Trading Relationship Date Transaction Cost #Shares Value ($) #Shares Total SEC Form 4
Moore ClintDirectorMar 11 '24Sale31.124,000124,48020,544Mar 13 04:00 PM
Cassella Anthony E. Jr.EVP of Finance & CAOFeb 15 '24Sale32.155,000160,7509,421Feb 16 04:10 PM
Cashman Charles AEVP & Chief Revenue OfficerFeb 02 '24Sale29.767,500223,20063,981Feb 06 04:07 PM
Langbehn KyleEVP, President of RetailDec 03 '23Option Exercise0.0010,000041,778Dec 05 04:10 PM
Berg ShawnEVP, Chief Digital OfficerDec 03 '23Option Exercise0.005,000012,136Dec 05 04:09 PM
ASPI - ASP Isotopes Inc - Stock Price Chart
CompanyASP Isotopes Inc
Market Cap186.58MEPS (ttm)-0.52
P/E-EPS this Y77.55%
Forward P/E-EPS next Y36.36%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S146.91EPS next 5Y-
P/B13.08EPS Q/Q-25.73%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-
Insider Own33.61%Inst Own5.80%
Insider Trans0.98%Inst Trans-
Short Float6.48%Earnings-
Analyst Recom1.00Target Price5.50
Avg Volume1.04M52W Range0.65 - 5.67
ASP Isotopes, Inc. is a pre-commercial stage advanced materials company, which engages in the development of technology and processes that will allow for the enrichment of natural isotopes into higher concentration products. Its products include medical, green energy, and Industrial isotopes. The company was founded by Paul E. Mann and Robert Ainscow on September 13, 2021 and is headquartered in Washington, DC.
Insider Trading Relationship Date Transaction Cost #Shares Value ($) #Shares Total SEC Form 4
AK Jensen Investment Managemen10% OwnerJul 10 '24Buy3.4061,849210,2316,678,723Jul 10 05:59 PM
AK Jensen Investment Managemen10% OwnerJul 09 '24Buy3.0530,00091,4976,616,874Jul 10 05:59 PM
AK Jensen Investment Managemen10% OwnerJul 08 '24Buy3.0570,000213,3606,586,874Jul 10 05:59 PM
Ryan Robert John AndrewDirectorApr 30 '24Buy3.4316,23455,740572,102May 01 08:50 AM
Ryan Robert John AndrewDirectorApr 29 '24Buy3.204,31313,802555,868May 01 08:50 AM
EVEX - Eve Holding Inc - Stock Price Chart
CompanyEve Holding Inc
IndustryAerospace & Defense
Market Cap900.23MEPS (ttm)-0.46
P/E-EPS this Y1.55%
Forward P/E-EPS next Y-34.70%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S-EPS next 5Y-
P/B6.39EPS Q/Q2.03%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-
Insider Own89.01%Inst Own1.48%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans203.97%
Short Float4.89%EarningsMay 07/b
Analyst Recom1.86Target Price8.10
Avg Volume79.73K52W Range3.15 - 10.51
Eve Holding, Inc. is a special purpose acquisition company focused on the aviation sector. The company was founded on 7th August, 2020 and is headquartered in Melbourne, FL.
UP - Wheels Up Experience Inc - Stock Price Chart
TickerUP [NYSE, RUT]
CompanyWheels Up Experience Inc
IndustryAirports & Air Services
Market Cap2.43BEPS (ttm)-10.07
P/E-EPS this Y78.81%
Forward P/E-EPS next Y-41.44%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S2.22EPS next 5Y-
P/B2604.48EPS Q/Q96.50%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-43.98%
Insider Own50.48%Inst Own42.39%
Insider Trans-0.01%Inst Trans-2.87%
Short Float2.48%EarningsAug 08/b
Analyst Recom1.67Target Price32.00
Avg Volume1.34M52W Range1.03 - 6.08
Wheels Up Experience, Inc. is a provider of private aviation services in the U.S. through a fleet of owned, managed, and third-party planes. The company was founded by Kenneth Dichter on August 1, 2013 and is headquartered in Chamblee, GA.
Insider Trading Relationship Date Transaction Cost #Shares Value ($) #Shares Total SEC Form 4
Heltebran LauraChief Legal OfficerMar 13 '24Sale2.5428,41372,16937,707Mar 15 08:26 PM
Briffa MarkEVP, Charter & CEO Air PartnerMar 13 '24Sale2.525,58914,08458,471Mar 15 08:17 PM
Briffa MarkChief Commercial OfficerSep 13 '23Sale3.649,90436,05169,017Sep 15 09:30 PM
HSCS - Heart Test Laboratories Inc. - Stock Price Chart
CompanyHeart Test Laboratories Inc.
IndustryMedical Devices
Market Cap2.40MEPS (ttm)-48.40
P/E-EPS this Y-
Forward P/E-EPS next Y-
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S120.12EPS next 5Y-
P/B0.27EPS Q/Q80.99%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q653.85%
Insider Own16.16%Inst Own2.19%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans-
Short Float7.13%EarningsMar 14/a
Analyst Recom1.00Target Price67.50
Avg Volume85.69K52W Range3.40 - 98.00
Heart Test Laboratories, Inc. is a medical technology company, which focuses on applying innovative AI-based technology to an electrocardiogram (ECG) to expand and improve an ECG's clinical usefulness. Its objective is to make an ECG a far more valuable cardiac screening tool, particularly in frontline or point-of-care clinical settings. It offers MyoVista, a resting 12-lead ECG that is also designed to provide diagnostic information related to cardiac dysfunction. The company was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Southlake, TX.
DJT - Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. - Stock Price Chart
TickerDJT [NASD]
CompanyTrump Media & Technology Group Corp.
IndustryInternet Content & Information
Market Cap6.65BEPS (ttm)-4.23
P/E-EPS this Y-
Forward P/E-EPS next Y-
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S8631.17EPS next 5Y-
P/B22.75EPS Q/Q-10594.77%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-
Insider Own75.10%Inst Own1.19%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans3.55%
Short Float11.04%EarningsMay 20/b
Analyst Recom-Target Price-
Avg Volume8.00M52W Range13.11 - 79.38
Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. operates as a social media and technology company. Its brands include TRUTH Social, TMTG+ and TMTG News. The company is headquartered in Sarasota, FL.
OPFI - OppFi Inc - Stock Price Chart
CompanyOppFi Inc
IndustryCredit Services
Market Cap425.89MEPS (ttm)0.06
P/E61.22EPS this Y18.30%
Forward P/E5.79EPS next Y9.39%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S1.53EPS next 5Y-
P/B23.31EPS Q/Q535.76%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q10.54%
Insider Own83.95%Inst Own6.12%
Insider Trans-0.03%Inst Trans1.08%
Short Float5.54%EarningsMay 08/b
Analyst Recom1.00Target Price5.50
Avg Volume205.95K52W Range1.83 - 5.12
OppFi, Inc. is a tech-enabled, mission-driven specialty finance platform that broadens the reach of community banks to extend credit access to everyday Americans. It supports consumers, who are turned away by mainstream options, to build better financial health, through transparency, responsible lending, financial inclusion, and an excellent customer experience. The company was founded by Todd G. Schwartz and Theodore Schwartz in 2012 and is headquartered in Chicago, IL.
Insider Trading Relationship Date Transaction Cost #Shares Value ($) #Shares Total SEC Form 4
Moore JocelynDirectorJun 10 '24Sale3.1432,488102,06872,893Jun 12 04:20 PM
McKay Christopher J.Chief Risk & Analytics OfficerApr 15 '24Option Exercise0.003,8500181,293Apr 17 05:42 PM
Johnson Pamela D.CFOApr 15 '24Option Exercise0.001,0410138,161Apr 17 05:44 PM
McKay Christopher J.Chief Risk & Analytics OfficerJan 22 '24Option Exercise0.003,851049,633Jan 24 04:27 PM
Johnson Pamela D.CFOJan 22 '24Option Exercise0.001,041030,283Jan 24 04:26 PM
ST - Sensata Technologies Holding Plc - Stock Price Chart
TickerST [NYSE]
CompanySensata Technologies Holding Plc
IndustryScientific & Technical Instruments
Market Cap5.86BEPS (ttm)-0.10
P/E-EPS this Y3.31%
Forward P/E9.29EPS next Y12.20%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S1.44EPS next 5Y10.00%
P/B1.97EPS Q/Q-10.63%
Dividend1.23%Sales Q/Q0.20%
Insider Own1.22%Inst Own101.73%
Insider Trans9.48%Inst Trans-1.65%
Short Float3.01%EarningsJul 29/a
Analyst Recom2.37Target Price48.01
Avg Volume2.23M52W Range30.56 - 47.41
Sensata Technologies Holding Plc is a global industrial technology company, which engages in the development, manufacture, and sale of sensors and sensor-rich solutions, electrical protection components and systems, and other products used in mission-critical systems and applications. The firm operates through the Performance Sensing and Sensing Solutions segments. The Performance Sensing segment serves the automotive and heavy vehicle and off-road (HVOR) industries through the development and manufacture of sensors, high-voltage solutions, and other solutions used in mission-critical systems and applications. The Sensing Solutions segment engages in the industrial and aerospace industries through the development and manufacture of a portfolio of application-specific sensor and electrical protection products used in industrial markets, including the appliance, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), water management, operator controls, charging infrastructure, renewable energy generation, green hydrogen production, and microgrid applications and markets, as well as the aerospace market, including commercial aircraft, defense, and aftermarket markets. The company was founded by Rathbun Willard in 1916 and is headquartered in Attleboro, MA.
Insider Trading Relationship Date Transaction Cost #Shares Value ($) #Shares Total SEC Form 4
Sullivan Martha N.President and CEO (Interim)May 08 '24Option Exercise38.96109,0224,247,497567,682May 10 04:05 PM
Sullivan Martha N.President and CEO (Interim)May 08 '24Sale42.52109,0224,635,703458,660May 10 04:05 PM
Mirshekari Ali JohnDirectorMay 03 '24Buy39.82195,1737,771,242268,310May 06 05:57 PM
Mirshekari Ali JohnDirectorMay 02 '24Buy39.1773,1372,865,02573,137May 06 05:57 PM
ZNTL - Zentalis Pharmaceuticals Inc - Stock Price Chart
CompanyZentalis Pharmaceuticals Inc
Market Cap262.74MEPS (ttm)-3.36
P/E-EPS this Y40.00%
Forward P/E-EPS next Y-35.33%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-50.05%
P/S6.48EPS next 5Y-
P/B0.57EPS Q/Q113.26%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-
Insider Own12.49%Inst Own113.61%
Insider Trans-0.47%Inst Trans-0.93%
Short Float15.48%EarningsMay 07/b
Analyst Recom2.27Target Price10.70
Avg Volume1.42M52W Range3.27 - 29.03
Zentalis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, which engages in discovering and developing clinically differentiated, novel small molecule therapeutics targeting fundamental biological pathways of cancer. It develops a broad pipeline of product candidates with an initial focus on validated oncology targets with the potential to address large patient populations. The company was founded by Kevin D. Bunker and Cam Gallagher on December 23, 2014 and is headquartered in San Diego, CA.
Insider Trading Relationship Date Transaction Cost #Shares Value ($) #Shares Total SEC Form 4
Gallagher CamPresident, Interim CFOMay 31 '24Sale11.989,597114,972633,680May 31 06:27 PM
HAUSMAN DIANAChief Medical OfficerMay 09 '24Sale12.623,35642,353373,876May 09 07:46 PM
Epperly Melissa B,Chief Financial OfficerFeb 12 '24Sale11.442,57329,435451,449Feb 12 08:22 PM
Gallagher CamPresidentFeb 12 '24Sale11.441,17313,419643,277Feb 12 08:21 PM
Gallagher CamPresidentFeb 02 '24Sale11.5411,552133,310644,450Feb 05 07:13 PM
JOBY - Joby Aviation Inc - Stock Price Chart
CompanyJoby Aviation Inc
IndustryAirports & Air Services
Market Cap4.63BEPS (ttm)-0.75
P/E-EPS this Y8.30%
Forward P/E-EPS next Y9.74%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S4364.26EPS next 5Y-11.81%
P/B4.72EPS Q/Q25.99%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-
Insider Own46.51%Inst Own30.84%
Insider Trans-0.37%Inst Trans0.23%
Short Float19.14%EarningsMay 07/a
Analyst Recom2.43Target Price7.67
Avg Volume6.10M52W Range4.50 - 9.55
Joby Aviation, Inc. is a transportation company, which engages in developing an all-electric, vertical take-off and landing aircraft that intends to operate as a commercial passenger aircraft. The company was founded by Bevirt Joebenn in 2009 and is headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA.
Insider Trading Relationship Date Transaction Cost #Shares Value ($) #Shares Total SEC Form 4
Field MatthewSee RemarksJul 16 '24Sale7.5025,000187,500269,238Jul 18 07:35 PM
Papadopoulos DidierPresident of Aircraft OEMJul 16 '24Sale7.506,14046,05041,857Jul 18 07:35 PM
Allison EricChief Product OfficerJul 15 '24Sale6.7624,681166,844429,951Jul 15 08:33 PM
Papadopoulos DidierPresident of Aircraft OEMJul 15 '24Sale7.008,07656,53247,997Jul 15 08:34 PM
DeHoff KateSee RemarksJul 15 '24Sale6.765,81539,309199,413Jul 15 08:34 PM