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DOC - Physicians Realty Trust - Stock Price Chart
CompanyPhysicians Realty Trust
IndustryREIT - Healthcare Facilities
Market Cap2.68BEPS (ttm)0.17
P/E64.61EPS this Y25.64%
Forward P/E49.93EPS next Y5.30%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-10.31%
P/S4.94EPS next 5Y-10.10%
P/B0.97EPS Q/Q-44.60%
Dividend8.23%Sales Q/Q2.19%
Insider Own1.18%Inst Own89.76%
Insider Trans-0.85%Inst Trans0.65%
Short Float2.22%EarningsFeb 21/a
Analyst Recom2.33Target Price14.62
Avg Volume3.97M52W Range10.52 - 15.21
TSLA - Tesla Inc - Stock Price Chart
TickerTSLA [NASD, NDX, S&P 500]
CompanyTesla Inc
IndustryAuto Manufacturers
Market Cap642.95BEPS (ttm)4.30
P/E46.91EPS this Y-1.51%
Forward P/E47.62EPS next Y37.97%
PEG5.18EPS past 5Y-
P/S6.64EPS next 5Y9.05%
P/B10.27EPS Q/Q111.69%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q3.49%
Insider Own13.01%Inst Own44.68%
Insider Trans-0.03%Inst Trans1.98%
Short Float3.20%EarningsJan 24/a
Analyst Recom2.64Target Price211.31
Avg Volume109.55M52W Range152.37 - 299.29
SPY - SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust - Stock Price Chart
TickerSPY [NYSE]
CompanySPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust
IndustryExchange Traded Fund
CategoryUS Equities - Broad Market & Size
IndexS&P 500 Index
TagsU.S., equity, SP500
Sector/Theme Region
Total Holdings504AUM497.11B
Flows% 1M-1.86%Flows% 3M3.98%
Flows% YTD-5.81%Flows% 1Y
Return% 1Y29.22%Return% 3Y0.11%
Return% 5Y14.49%Return% 10Y
NAV% Expense
Avg Volume77.70M52W Range380.65 - 510.13
LCID - Lucid Group Inc - Stock Price Chart
CompanyLucid Group Inc
IndustryAuto Manufacturers
Market Cap7.56BEPS (ttm)-1.39
P/E-EPS this Y20.65%
Forward P/E-EPS next Y15.42%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S12.69EPS next 5Y14.60%
P/B1.56EPS Q/Q-3.37%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-39.02%
Insider Own63.20%Inst Own14.36%
Insider Trans-0.00%Inst Trans0.63%
Short Float30.16%EarningsFeb 21/a
Analyst Recom3.57Target Price3.81
Avg Volume42.02M52W Range2.54 - 9.18
TQQQ - ProShares UltraPro QQQ 3x Shares - Stock Price Chart
CompanyProShares UltraPro QQQ 3x Shares
IndustryExchange Traded Fund
CategoryEquity - Leveraged / Inverse
IndexNasdaq 100 Index
TagsU.S., equity, Nasdaq100, leverage
Sector/Theme Region
Total Holdings131AUM21.09B
Flows% 1M-4.94%Flows% 3M-14.69%
Flows% YTD-10.02%Flows% 1Y
Return% 1Y169.52%Return% 3Y-0.12%
Return% 5Y18.54%Return% 10Y
NAV% Expense
Avg Volume75.04M52W Range20.13 - 61.22
Jan-19-24 11:03AM Consumers haven't felt this good about the economy since 2021: 'December was no fluke' (Yahoo Finance) +5.78%
Jan-01-24 01:55PM 9 economic trends to watch in 2024 (Yahoo Finance)
Aug-05-23 09:08AM The stock market's next challenge: August doldrums (Yahoo Finance)
Mar-01-23 09:00AM How to chart anchored VWAP multiple time frames: Brian Shannon, CMT (Yahoo Finance Video)
Feb-23-23 03:15PM Nvidia's Jump Boosts AI, Semiconductor ETFs (
Feb-01-23 12:00AM International Equity, US Bond ETFs Saw Biggest Gains in January ( +6.46%
Sep-19-22 11:36AM Most Traded Leveraged ETFs for Q4 2022 (Investopedia)
Jul-15-22 08:50PM TQQQ vs. QQQ: What's the Difference? (Investopedia) +5.27%
Jun-22-22 10:43AM Crypto: New ProShares ETF shorts bitcoin (Yahoo Finance Video)
Jun-15-22 10:17AM Retail sales: Investors shouldnt read too much into May decline, strategist says (Yahoo Finance Video) +7.19%
SOXL - Direxion Daily Semiconductor Bull 3X Shares - Stock Price Chart
CompanyDirexion Daily Semiconductor Bull 3X Shares
IndustryExchange Traded Fund
CategoryEquity - Leveraged / Inverse
IndexICE Semiconductor Index
TagsU.S., equity, semiconductors, leverage
Sector/Theme Region
Total Holdings44AUM8.75B
Flows% 1M-8.42%Flows% 3M-26.26%
Flows% YTD-15.42%Flows% 1Y
Return% 1Y176.40%Return% 3Y0.04%
Return% 5Y36.07%Return% 10Y
NAV% Expense
Avg Volume66.13M52W Range12.52 - 42.68
Apr-05-23 12:19PM Retired? You Can Still Collect a Weekly Paycheck (Zacks) -5.18%
Feb-01-23 02:00PM Roundhill Taps Direxions Mazza to Lead ETF Strategy ( +15.70%
Oct-27-22 06:07PM Stocks trending after hours: Apple, Amazon, Intel, and more (Yahoo Finance) -5.44%
Jun-23-22 11:59AM Homebuilder stocks lead markets higher, travel stocks in the red (Yahoo Finance Video)
Jun-02-22 05:21PM Most Traded Leveraged ETFs for Q3 2022 (Investopedia) +10.50%
May-17-22 04:00AM Why Geared ETFs Arent For Everyone ( +15.02%
May-02-22 12:00AM ETFs Lose $6B In April ( +10.16%
Apr-20-22 12:01PM Crypto: Types of stablecoins and how they work (Yahoo Finance Video)
Apr-13-22 01:30PM Investors Pour $1B Into Triple Leveraged Semiconductor ETF ( +6.82%
Feb-08-22 03:45PM Taking On Volatility With Geared ETFs ( +7.35%
FSR - Fisker Inc - Stock Price Chart
CompanyFisker Inc
IndustryAuto Manufacturers
Market Cap389.71MEPS (ttm)-1.44
P/E-EPS this Y73.77%
Forward P/E-EPS next Y86.29%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S5.33EPS next 5Y-
P/B0.74EPS Q/Q43.65%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q512757.14%
Insider Own26.47%Inst Own18.56%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans0.91%
Short Float26.17%EarningsFeb 29/a
Analyst Recom3.18Target Price1.94
Avg Volume38.54M52W Range0.52 - 7.76
PEAK - Healthpeak Properties Inc. - Stock Price Chart
TickerPEAK [NYSE, S&P 500]
CompanyHealthpeak Properties Inc.
IndustryREIT - Healthcare Facilities
Market Cap9.17BEPS (ttm)0.56
P/E30.13EPS this Y-21.98%
Forward P/E30.08EPS next Y27.44%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-24.23%
P/S4.20EPS next 5Y-12.68%
P/B1.44EPS Q/Q4688.89%
Dividend7.24%Sales Q/Q5.56%
Insider Own0.32%Inst Own95.64%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans-2.28%
Short Float1.63%EarningsFeb 08/a
Analyst Recom2.08Target Price21.00
Avg Volume7.06M52W Range15.24 - 24.46
NIO - NIO Inc ADR - Stock Price Chart
TickerNIO [NYSE]
CompanyNIO Inc ADR
IndustryAuto Manufacturers
Market Cap9.03BEPS (ttm)-1.82
P/E-EPS this Y-44.27%
Forward P/E-EPS next Y39.38%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-4.07%
P/S1.17EPS next 5Y-
P/B4.60EPS Q/Q0.16%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q38.68%
Insider Own0.63%Inst Own27.52%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans-3.53%
Short Float10.78%EarningsMar 05/b
Analyst Recom1.91Target Price9.79
Avg Volume64.59M52W Range5.30 - 16.18
PLTR - Palantir Technologies Inc - Stock Price Chart
CompanyPalantir Technologies Inc
IndustrySoftware - Infrastructure
Market Cap55.50BEPS (ttm)0.09
P/E277.74EPS this Y32.16%
Forward P/E63.27EPS next Y19.98%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S24.94EPS next 5Y-
P/B15.88EPS Q/Q182.86%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q19.61%
Insider Own16.52%Inst Own39.28%
Insider Trans-1.94%Inst Trans4.17%
Short Float5.54%EarningsFeb 05/a
Analyst Recom3.21Target Price18.79
Avg Volume69.08M52W Range7.19 - 25.52