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#171 / 200 Total
ZENV - Zenvia Inc - Stock Price Chart
CompanyZenvia Inc
IndustrySoftware - Application
Market Cap115.69MEPS (ttm)-0.29
P/E-EPS this Y91.10%
Forward P/E-EPS next Y37.71%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S0.71EPS next 5Y-
P/B0.52EPS Q/Q79.63%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q31.60%
Insider Own80.29%Inst Own4.50%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans-4.38%
Short Float0.41%EarningsMay 14/b
Analyst Recom3.00Target Price2.49
Avg Volume62.99K52W Range0.66 - 3.88
GOSS - Gossamer Bio Inc - Stock Price Chart
CompanyGossamer Bio Inc
Market Cap264.68MEPS (ttm)-1.05
P/E-EPS this Y71.53%
Forward P/E-EPS next Y-123.21%
PEG-EPS past 5Y11.99%
P/S-EPS next 5Y5.20%
P/B9.91EPS Q/Q64.16%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-
Insider Own16.40%Inst Own74.16%
Insider Trans1.23%Inst Trans12.51%
Short Float5.09%EarningsMay 07/a
Analyst Recom1.60Target Price6.95
Avg Volume2.36M52W Range0.45 - 1.88
LDI - LoanDepot Inc - Stock Price Chart
TickerLDI [NYSE]
CompanyLoanDepot Inc
IndustryMortgage Finance
Market Cap353.58MEPS (ttm)-0.57
P/E-EPS this Y40.05%
Forward P/E12.30EPS next Y159.60%
PEG-EPS past 5Y6.34%
P/S0.36EPS next 5Y-
P/B1.10EPS Q/Q24.32%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q13.80%
Insider Own64.53%Inst Own12.95%
Insider Trans-1.56%Inst Trans0.60%
Short Float3.33%EarningsMay 07/a
Analyst Recom3.17Target Price2.26
Avg Volume415.28K52W Range1.14 - 3.71
WENA - Anew Medical Inc. - Stock Price Chart
CompanyAnew Medical Inc.
Market Cap24.51MEPS (ttm)0.01
P/E182.02EPS this Y-
Forward P/E-EPS next Y-
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S-EPS next 5Y-
P/B0.75EPS Q/Q-131.49%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-
Insider Own92.43%Inst Own4.55%
Insider Trans-2.39%Inst Trans12.79%
Short Float33.47%Earnings-
Analyst Recom-Target Price-
Avg Volume2.29M52W Range1.36 - 13.10
HOWL - Werewolf Therapeutics Inc - Stock Price Chart
CompanyWerewolf Therapeutics Inc
Market Cap116.91MEPS (ttm)-1.09
P/E-EPS this Y-46.25%
Forward P/E-EPS next Y3.14%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-13.31%
P/S7.21EPS next 5Y10.90%
P/B0.99EPS Q/Q-12.98%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-83.38%
Insider Own30.94%Inst Own58.87%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans6.00%
Short Float2.26%EarningsMay 03/b
Analyst Recom1.00Target Price12.00
Avg Volume320.47K52W Range1.57 - 8.19
Jun-25-24 07:00AM Werewolf Therapeutics Highlights Initial Safety and Efficacy Data from its Ongoing Phase 1 Clinical Trial Evaluating WTX-330 in Patients with Advanced or Metastatic Solid Tumors or Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (GlobeNewswire) -10.34%
Jun-01-24 09:00AM Werewolf Therapeutics to Present Data from Ongoing Phase 1/1b Clinical Trial of WTX-124 as Monotherapy and in Combination with Pembrolizumab in Solid Tumors (GlobeNewswire)
May-30-24 08:00AM Werewolf Therapeutics to Participate at the Jefferies Global Healthcare Conference (GlobeNewswire) +5.30%
May-23-24 05:00PM Werewolf Therapeutics to Present Updated Data from Phase 1/1b Clinical Trial of WTX-124 as Monotherapy and in Combination with Pembrolizumab in Solid Tumors at 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting (GlobeNewswire) +5.52% -5.43%
May-03-24 01:53PM HOWL Stock Earnings: Werewolf Therapeutics Misses EPS, Misses Revenue for Q1 2024 (InvestorPlace)
07:00AM Werewolf Therapeutics Reports First Quarter 2024 Financial Results and Provides Business Update (GlobeNewswire)
Apr-24-24 10:05AM Werewolf Therapeutics Announces WTX-124 Clinical Abstract Accepted for Presentation at the 2024 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting (GlobeNewswire)
Apr-23-24 08:00AM Werewolf Therapeutics Presents First Preclinical Data Highlighting IL-10 INDUKINE Molecules as a Potential Therapy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) at AAI Annual Meeting (GlobeNewswire) +5.75%
Apr-15-24 12:00PM All You Need to Know About Werewolf Therapeutics (HOWL) Rating Upgrade to Buy (Zacks) +17.06%
Apr-05-24 04:30PM Werewolf Therapeutics Presents Preclinical Results Demonstrating Anti-Tumor Effects of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine Therapeutics WTX-518 and WTX-712 at AACR 2024 Annual Meeting (GlobeNewswire) -9.12%
INSG - Inseego Corp - Stock Price Chart
CompanyInseego Corp
IndustryCommunication Equipment
Market Cap145.53MEPS (ttm)-4.16
P/E-EPS this Y86.20%
Forward P/E306.25EPS next Y119.35%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-28.82%
P/S0.77EPS next 5Y15.00%
P/B-EPS Q/Q17.71%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-11.39%
Insider Own19.47%Inst Own35.57%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans-36.86%
Short Float9.36%EarningsMay 09/a
Analyst Recom3.00Target Price11.83
Avg Volume236.31K52W Range1.62 - 13.42
IMAB - I-Mab ADR - Stock Price Chart
CompanyI-Mab ADR
Market Cap132.47MEPS (ttm)-2.58
P/E-EPS this Y19.72%
Forward P/E-EPS next Y-0.10%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-18.89%
P/S33.62EPS next 5Y26.00%
P/B0.55EPS Q/Q814.57%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q15398.08%
Insider Own0.27%Inst Own15.81%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans-17.33%
Short Float1.40%EarningsMay 29
Analyst Recom1.00Target Price5.50
Avg Volume211.38K52W Range1.16 - 3.17
WORX - SCWorx Corp - Stock Price Chart
CompanySCWorx Corp
IndustryHealth Information Services
Market Cap1.78MEPS (ttm)-1.69
P/E-EPS this Y-
Forward P/E-EPS next Y-
PEG-EPS past 5Y62.68%
P/S0.45EPS next 5Y-
P/B0.28EPS Q/Q-53.45%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-8.19%
Insider Own6.28%Inst Own2.71%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans-35.75%
Short Float1.54%Earnings-
Analyst Recom-Target Price-
Avg Volume96.93K52W Range1.14 - 6.82
NUVO - Holdco Nuvo Group D.G Ltd. - Stock Price Chart
CompanyHoldco Nuvo Group D.G Ltd.
IndustryMedical Devices
Market Cap13.86MEPS (ttm)-0.36
P/E-EPS this Y-
Forward P/E-EPS next Y-
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S-EPS next 5Y-
P/B1.02EPS Q/Q-116.00%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-
Insider Own39.92%Inst Own8.13%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans5.93%
Short Float1.84%Earnings-
Analyst Recom-Target Price-
Avg Volume871.49K52W Range0.96 - 21.50
MPU - Mega Matrix Corp - Stock Price Chart
TickerMPU [AMEX]
CompanyMega Matrix Corp
Market Cap81.67MEPS (ttm)-0.11
P/E-EPS this Y-
Forward P/E-EPS next Y-
PEG-EPS past 5Y34.96%
P/S9.37EPS next 5Y-
P/B5.13EPS Q/Q50.90%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q55974.84%
Insider Own16.48%Inst Own4.96%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans-25.53%
Short Float8.37%Earnings-
Analyst Recom1.00Target Price10.50
Avg Volume197.74K52W Range0.55 - 4.48
Jul-11-24 08:00AM Mega Matrix Announced that 'Queen of Revenge: Sister's Fury' has Started Filming on July 10, setting off a New Trend of Female-Oriented Short Drama. (PR Newswire)
Jul-04-24 08:30AM Mega Matrix Announced that the new Suspense Short Drama "My Prime Suspect Lady": Fatal Temptation - The Ultimate Battle of Sexy, Crime, and Reasoning, will be first released on July 9 at FlexTV (PR Newswire)
Jun-26-24 10:00AM Mega Matrix Corp. Announced that "My Exclusive Client" - A Love Game Across the Workplace and Nightlife will be first released on June 27 (PR Newswire)
May-31-24 08:00AM Mega Matrix Corp. Announces the Upcoming Release of "Apocalypse Rising: A Zombie Saga" on FlexTV -- A Riveting Tale of Zombie Survival and Mystery (PR Newswire)
May-24-24 08:00AM Mega Matrix Corp. Announced that FlexTV Formed the Strategic Cooperation with TopReels, the leading short drama platform in South Korea (PR Newswire)
May-21-24 08:30AM MEGA MATRIX CORP. Announces the Successful Closing of the Private Placement with $2.2 per share (PR Newswire) +10.40%
May-08-24 08:35AM MEGA MATRIX CORP. Announces First Quarter 2024 Financial Results (PR Newswire)
Apr-04-24 04:58PM Mega Matrix Announces the Successful Completion of Investor Day and the Publication of Articles from Grit Daily and Smartech Daily, highlighting FlexTV (GlobeNewswire)
Apr-02-24 09:10AM Mega Matrix Corp. Announces Investor Day Event (GlobeNewswire)
Mar-22-24 08:30AM Mega Matrix Corp. Appoints Mr. Songtao Jia as Chief Strategy Officer (GlobeNewswire)