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WULF - TeraWulf Inc - Stock Price Chart
CompanyTeraWulf Inc
IndustryCapital Markets
Market Cap592.39MEPS (ttm)-0.37
P/E-EPS this Y121.71%
Forward P/E6.27EPS next Y311.18%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S8.56EPS next 5Y-
P/B2.54EPS Q/Q79.68%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q143.39%
Insider Own32.51%Inst Own20.82%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans-1.22%
Short Float19.45%EarningsMar 19/a
Analyst Recom1.00Target Price3.74
Avg Volume18.98M52W Range0.89 - 4.04
NEM - Newmont Corp - Stock Price Chart
TickerNEM [NYSE, S&P 500]
CompanyNewmont Corp
Market Cap44.45BEPS (ttm)-2.39
P/E-EPS this Y29.85%
Forward P/E14.89EPS next Y23.88%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S3.78EPS next 5Y15.30%
P/B1.53EPS Q/Q-73.15%
Dividend2.59%Sales Q/Q24.52%
Insider Own0.14%Inst Own71.12%
Insider Trans-1.69%Inst Trans-2.15%
Short Float1.44%EarningsApr 25/b
Analyst Recom2.04Target Price45.19
Avg Volume14.49M52W Range29.42 - 50.18
BENF - Beneficient - Stock Price Chart
IndustryAsset Management
Market Cap20.03MEPS (ttm)-8.87
P/E-EPS this Y-
Forward P/E-EPS next Y-
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S33.95EPS next 5Y-
P/B-EPS Q/Q-4637.16%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-
Insider Own72.26%Inst Own19.88%
Insider Trans0.20%Inst Trans0.75%
Short Float0.50%EarningsFeb 13/a
Analyst Recom-Target Price-
Avg Volume8.67M52W Range0.05 - 16.50
GM - General Motors Company - Stock Price Chart
TickerGM [NYSE, S&P 500]
CompanyGeneral Motors Company
IndustryAuto Manufacturers
Market Cap49.02BEPS (ttm)7.31
P/E5.81EPS this Y15.82%
Forward P/E4.67EPS next Y2.11%
PEG0.51EPS past 5Y5.58%
P/S0.29EPS next 5Y11.35%
P/B0.79EPS Q/Q14.27%
Dividend0.90%Sales Q/Q-0.30%
Insider Own0.27%Inst Own95.96%
Insider Trans-5.72%Inst Trans-3.85%
Short Float6.39%EarningsApr 23/b
Analyst Recom1.83Target Price51.08
Avg Volume17.70M52W Range26.30 - 46.04
SPLG - SPDR Portfolio S&P 500 ETF - Stock Price Chart
CompanySPDR Portfolio S&P 500 ETF
IndustryExchange Traded Fund
CategoryUS Equities - Broad Market & Size
IndexS&P 500 Index
TagsU.S., equity, SP500
Sector/Theme Region
Total Holdings506AUM32.97B
Flows% 1M2.48%Flows% 3M17.82%
Flows% YTD20.65%Flows% 1Y
Return% 1Y23.93%Return% 3Y0.09%
Return% 5Y13.53%Return% 10Y
NAV% Expense
Avg Volume9.10M52W Range47.48 - 61.69
KRE - SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF - Stock Price Chart
TickerKRE [NYSE]
CompanySPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF
IndustryExchange Traded Fund
CategoryUS Equities - Industry Sector
IndexS&P Reg Banks Sel Industry Indx
TagsU.S., equity, financial, regional-banks
Sector/Theme Region
Total Holdings143AUM2.53B
Flows% 1M-0.65%Flows% 3M-24.53%
Flows% YTD-30.62%Flows% 1Y
Return% 1Y11.88%Return% 3Y-0.10%
Return% 5Y-0.75%Return% 10Y
NAV% Expense
Avg Volume15.41M52W Range34.52 - 54.47
IEF - iShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETF - Stock Price Chart
TickerIEF [NASD]
CompanyiShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETF
IndustryExchange Traded Fund
CategoryBonds - Treasury & Government
IndexICE U.S. Treasury 7-10 Year Bond Index
TagsU.S., fixed-income, treasuries, bonds
Sector/Theme Region
Total Holdings16AUM28.25B
Flows% 1M4.57%Flows% 3M7.06%
Flows% YTD7.96%Flows% 1Y
Return% 1Y-4.71%Return% 3Y-0.05%
Return% 5Y-1.03%Return% 10Y
NAV% Expense
Avg Volume9.12M52W Range88.59 - 100.50
NCLH - Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd - Stock Price Chart
TickerNCLH [NYSE, S&P 500]
CompanyNorwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd
IndustryTravel Services
Market Cap7.67BEPS (ttm)0.24
P/E76.49EPS this Y82.60%
Forward P/E10.58EPS next Y33.31%
PEG1.66EPS past 5Y-38.02%
P/S0.90EPS next 5Y46.05%
P/B25.49EPS Q/Q78.14%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q30.76%
Insider Own1.14%Inst Own70.27%
Insider Trans-0.41%Inst Trans-1.26%
Short Float9.03%EarningsMay 01/b
Analyst Recom2.59Target Price20.58
Avg Volume12.02M52W Range12.41 - 22.75
HOOD - Robinhood Markets Inc - Stock Price Chart
CompanyRobinhood Markets Inc
IndustryCapital Markets
Market Cap14.94BEPS (ttm)-0.60
P/E-EPS this Y146.28%
Forward P/E43.90EPS next Y37.82%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-48.35%
P/S7.91EPS next 5Y-
P/B2.22EPS Q/Q118.21%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q24.61%
Insider Own49.50%Inst Own40.76%
Insider Trans-0.80%Inst Trans4.24%
Short Float6.80%EarningsMay 08/a
Analyst Recom2.88Target Price19.03
Avg Volume15.50M52W Range7.91 - 20.55
MRNS - Marinus Pharmaceuticals Inc - Stock Price Chart
CompanyMarinus Pharmaceuticals Inc
Market Cap78.68MEPS (ttm)-2.63
P/E-EPS this Y16.53%
Forward P/E-EPS next Y41.23%
PEG-EPS past 5Y6.04%
P/S2.54EPS next 5Y20.00%
P/B4.69EPS Q/Q3.42%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q0.39%
Insider Own7.01%Inst Own94.03%
Insider Trans-0.57%Inst Trans1.35%
Short Float6.84%EarningsMar 05/a
Analyst Recom1.55Target Price8.78
Avg Volume1.35M52W Range1.11 - 11.26