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NEE - NextEra Energy Inc - Stock Price Chart
TickerNEE [NYSE, S&P 500]
CompanyNextEra Energy Inc
IndustryUtilities - Regulated Electric
Market Cap135.87BEPS (ttm)3.61
P/E18.35EPS this Y7.26%
Forward P/E18.01EPS next Y8.09%
PEG2.34EPS past 5Y0.74%
P/S5.96EPS next 5Y7.84%
P/B2.86EPS Q/Q-22.86%
Dividend3.11%Sales Q/Q3.53%
Insider Own0.49%Inst Own80.03%
Insider Trans-0.64%Inst Trans0.94%
Short Float1.22%EarningsApr 23/b
Analyst Recom1.70Target Price70.75
Avg Volume12.36M52W Range47.15 - 79.25
JBLU - Jetblue Airways Corp - Stock Price Chart
CompanyJetblue Airways Corp
Market Cap2.07BEPS (ttm)-0.94
P/E-EPS this Y-61.18%
Forward P/E962.15EPS next Y100.87%
PEG-EPS past 5Y-
P/S0.22EPS next 5Y-
P/B0.62EPS Q/Q-520.63%
Dividend-Sales Q/Q-3.73%
Insider Own0.42%Inst Own79.82%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans-9.95%
Short Float12.90%EarningsApr 23/b
Analyst Recom3.19Target Price6.25
Avg Volume14.92M52W Range3.42 - 9.45
TodayReiterated TD Cowen Hold $7 → $6
AMZN - Inc. - Stock Price Chart
TickerAMZN [NASD, DJIA, NDX, S&P 500] Inc.
IndustryInternet Retail
Market Cap1866.71BEPS (ttm)2.89
P/E62.13EPS this Y44.77%
Forward P/E33.34EPS next Y28.26%
PEG2.04EPS past 5Y23.55%
P/S3.25EPS next 5Y30.50%
P/B9.23EPS Q/Q3608.52%
Dividend0.84%Sales Q/Q13.91%
Insider Own11.09%Inst Own61.95%
Insider Trans-4.18%Inst Trans0.60%
Short Float0.76%EarningsApr 30/a
Analyst Recom1.22Target Price211.36
Avg Volume42.43M52W Range101.15 - 189.77
UPS - United Parcel Service, Inc. - Stock Price Chart
TickerUPS [NYSE, S&P 500]
CompanyUnited Parcel Service, Inc.
IndustryIntegrated Freight & Logistics
Market Cap127.09BEPS (ttm)7.79
P/E19.11EPS this Y-7.77%
Forward P/E15.51EPS next Y18.51%
PEG1.87EPS past 5Y7.20%
P/S1.40EPS next 5Y10.22%
P/B7.34EPS Q/Q-52.82%
Dividend4.39%Sales Q/Q-7.68%
Insider Own14.75%Inst Own61.86%
Insider Trans0.00%Inst Trans-0.45%
Short Float1.43%EarningsApr 23/b
Analyst Recom2.42Target Price160.41
Avg Volume4.56M52W Range133.68 - 197.31
PEP - PepsiCo Inc - Stock Price Chart
TickerPEP [NASD, NDX, S&P 500]
CompanyPepsiCo Inc
IndustryBeverages - Non-Alcoholic
Market Cap235.33BEPS (ttm)6.56
P/E26.10EPS this Y7.07%
Forward P/E19.41EPS next Y8.12%
PEG3.74EPS past 5Y-5.66%
P/S2.57EPS next 5Y6.99%
P/B12.71EPS Q/Q152.09%
Dividend3.10%Sales Q/Q-0.53%
Insider Own0.34%Inst Own75.39%
Insider Trans-1.28%Inst Trans-0.02%
Short Float1.21%EarningsApr 23/b
Analyst Recom2.17Target Price187.53
Avg Volume5.87M52W Range155.83 - 196.88
IBM - International Business Machines Corp. - Stock Price Chart
TickerIBM [NYSE, DJIA, S&P 500]
CompanyInternational Business Machines Corp.
IndustryInformation Technology Services
Market Cap167.02BEPS (ttm)8.12
P/E22.43EPS this Y4.46%
Forward P/E17.08EPS next Y6.13%
PEG4.40EPS past 5Y-3.09%
P/S2.70EPS next 5Y5.10%
P/B7.40EPS Q/Q19.79%
Dividend3.76%Sales Q/Q4.14%
Insider Own0.10%Inst Own60.20%
Insider Trans-1.06%Inst Trans1.42%
Short Float2.54%EarningsApr 24/a
Analyst Recom2.57Target Price188.63
Avg Volume4.90M52W Range120.55 - 199.18
LMT - Lockheed Martin Corp. - Stock Price Chart
TickerLMT [NYSE, S&P 500]
CompanyLockheed Martin Corp.
IndustryAerospace & Defense
Market Cap110.65BEPS (ttm)27.55
P/E16.70EPS this Y-6.36%
Forward P/E16.58EPS next Y6.49%
PEG4.38EPS past 5Y9.38%
P/S1.64EPS next 5Y3.81%
P/B16.15EPS Q/Q2.43%
Dividend2.79%Sales Q/Q-0.62%
Insider Own0.06%Inst Own76.01%
Insider Trans-13.17%Inst Trans-0.78%
Short Float0.91%EarningsApr 23/b
Analyst Recom2.64Target Price484.72
Avg Volume1.23M52W Range393.77 - 483.53
KMB - Kimberly-Clark Corp. - Stock Price Chart
TickerKMB [NYSE, S&P 500]
CompanyKimberly-Clark Corp.
IndustryHousehold & Personal Products
Market Cap45.83BEPS (ttm)5.21
P/E26.13EPS this Y4.15%
Forward P/E18.59EPS next Y6.95%
PEG4.91EPS past 5Y5.26%
P/S2.24EPS next 5Y5.33%
P/B50.10EPS Q/Q0.25%
Dividend3.61%Sales Q/Q0.12%
Insider Own0.17%Inst Own78.32%
Insider Trans-1.53%Inst Trans1.12%
Short Float1.31%EarningsApr 23/b
Analyst Recom2.86Target Price131.37
Avg Volume2.25M52W Range116.32 - 147.87
PM - Philip Morris International Inc - Stock Price Chart
TickerPM [NYSE, S&P 500]
CompanyPhilip Morris International Inc
Market Cap151.61BEPS (ttm)5.01
P/E19.47EPS this Y5.61%
Forward P/E13.97EPS next Y10.13%
PEG2.02EPS past 5Y-0.25%
P/S4.33EPS next 5Y9.66%
P/B-EPS Q/Q-8.48%
Dividend5.40%Sales Q/Q11.09%
Insider Own0.17%Inst Own79.48%
Insider Trans-5.95%Inst Trans0.58%
Short Float0.47%EarningsApr 23/b
Analyst Recom1.68Target Price108.22
Avg Volume5.85M52W Range87.23 - 100.79
META - Meta Platforms Inc - Stock Price Chart
TickerMETA [NASD, NDX, S&P 500]
CompanyMeta Platforms Inc
IndustryInternet Content & Information
Market Cap1264.76BEPS (ttm)14.90
P/E33.30EPS this Y35.49%
Forward P/E21.28EPS next Y15.72%
PEG1.28EPS past 5Y14.46%
P/S9.38EPS next 5Y26.00%
P/B8.29EPS Q/Q202.46%
Dividend0.36%Sales Q/Q24.70%
Insider Own13.98%Inst Own67.40%
Insider Trans-1.44%Inst Trans-1.62%
Short Float1.22%EarningsApr 24/a
Analyst Recom1.42Target Price541.36
Avg Volume17.32M52W Range207.13 - 531.49